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Video: David Cook Covers Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”

David Cook - youtube/mskristen8108

Adele‘s “Rolling In The Deep” is quickly becoming the song to cover. Along with the thousands of YouTube covers from amateurs, John Legend took us to church with his gospel-meets-soul version, and now it’s David Cook‘s turn to offer his take.

With his guitar in hand and his band backing him, the American Idol champ put his bluesy-rock stamp on the tune at a concert he played over the weekend.

David’s rendition was nice — very true to the original, which is a little bit disappointing considering we still can’t get his remixed version of Mariah Carey‘s “Always Be My Baby” off our minds all these years later.

See DC’s “Rolling In The Deep” cover below:

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  1. Not all the songs need to be changed “a lot” to becoming an amazing cover: david cook cover is AWESOME!

    • Yawn. He should not attempt a cover unless he is going to add something new or memorable to the song. This is boring.

  2. I’d love to hear him do this with Adele. Both versions are amazing.

  3. Cook brought a different vibe to this cover. Love the soul in his voice.

  4. Why would you change perfection? This song is amazing, but just hearing DC’s voice and interpretation makes it different. Love Adele…and love Cook’s cover!

  5. Love David’s version..who is John Legend? his record us coming out soon so I think he added the covers to bring something new, until his album comes out – 1st single due out April 19th… David can sing anything..Drive cover was really good… his song paper heart to be on his upcoming album was trending on twitter for an hour after the show…fans are ready for new music from him obviously

  6. I was there and this was AWESOME !! not a fan of Adele but it’s so good to see a artist who can actually sing (Adele) in the top 10. Davids’ and the bands’ take on this was great. David Cook has that amazing voice and he can cover Anything! David also did a cover of “DRIVE” by the CARS and it was to die for.

  7. Here is a better recording…LOVED IT!, LOVED- DRIVE and Paper Heart along with my other favorites that are all his!

  8. OOPS! link top better recording of David Cook -Rollin’ in the Deep (cover)

  9. By all means, listen to the better recording linked in the post above – Cook’s vocals are amazing, as usual. Can’t wait for this dude’s new record to drop.

  10. Cool. That’s my video! Sorry for the talking at the beginning. FYI, I was not asking David to marry me. I was saying the name of one of Train’s songs when he was talking about them. LOL. I loved this performance. Rolling in the Deep is my favorite song out at the moment. Sometimes I listen to Adele’s CD 3-4 times in a row. David is my favorite musician so hearing the two combined was incredible. He didn’t need to change the melody.

    • I was right in front of the speaker so usually the sound is distorted a bit. There’s also a bit of talking around me. I agree that the other video has better audio.

  11. hahah – what is that chia pet shit on his head? wasn’t he bald a year ago? this cover sounds terrible, he needs to be a little more original by now. covering adele ain’t his strong suit, and he looks old with that fake hair and scraggly beard – ughhhhhh

  12. Still singing covers after all these years… how karoake of him, but then he did win the king of karoake shows. Impressed we are not.

  13. That is horrible. Something about the growl in his voice really grates on me. He still does a better job of imitating others and doing cover songs than he does with his own music. Not a fan at all of his original stuff.

  14. Is he trying to give carrot top a run for his money? What is with the hair and grizzly adams beard? He is really unattractive. LOVE Adele and this song, but he sounds karaoke on it.

  15. Wow, he sucks!

  16. This version sounds almost rockabilly on the verses. Really great vocal.

  17. I LOVE David and most of his “covers” have been better than the originals. However, still like Adele singing it better. David’s was good, but not better. JMO

  18. Well I think that this is bloody terrible, he can’t get the high notes, he’s really straining. He has a lot of practicing to do before he can render it any where near as good as Adele.

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