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New Music: Glee Does Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Rebecca Black, Chord Overstreet - Wireimage

It doesn’t matter who sings it. Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” is just one horrific song.

Case in point: Glee‘s guys — Puck (Mark Salling), Sam (Chord Overstreet), and Artie (Kevin McHale) — covered the runaway hit for next week’s Prom episode, and it’s just…painful. Better, yes. Much, especially vocally. But still pretty dang painful. We blame the awful lyrics and rap breakdown.

Listen to Glee’s “Friday” cover below. Try to have fun fun fun fun and not kill kill kill kill yourself at the thought of hearing this song one more time.

via ONTD

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  1. Big Cheese says:

    The video no longer works.

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