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New Video: Taylor Swift Escapes Small Town Life In “Mean”

Taylor Swift in "Mean"

Taylor Swift isn’t going to let haters and naysayers stop her from reaching her dreams in the video to her latest single, “Mean.”

In the adorable clip, Taylor and her band jam out in her small town with dreams of making it big–and she eventually does, just like in real life.

But Taylor’s plight is only part of the story. The vid shows a young boy being picked on for his love of fashion by the big bad football team. He makes them eat their words when he becomes a big-time fashion designer.

Then there’s the girl who deals with being tormented at her humiliating job, but she puts up with it so she can save up money for college and eventually run a huge company.

And what’s a bully-bashing video without the lonely girl who’s snubbed by the stuck up, popular clique? That little girl’s fate isn’t sealed yet, but she watches Taylor’s story and knows it can and will get better.

See the inspiring video below:

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