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5 Songs Rihanna Better Have On Her ‘LOUD’ Tour Setlist

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In less than a month, Rihanna will kick off her LOUD tour in Baltimore, MD, and Neon Limelight will be there to check out all of the action.

While the pop star shared a few details about her second U.S. headlining tour, like there will be a special fan section on stage, the show is broken up into sections that highlight different parts of her personality, and the costumes will be designed by a number of RiRi’s favorite designers, she’s been extra mum about the tour’s setlist.

It’s almost a given that all 10 of Rihanna’s Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 singles will be performed in some way or another, but we’ve been thinking about a few other songs we’re dying to see Rih add to the setlist.

Here are 5 songs Rihanna better have on that list:

1. G4L (from Rated R)

Seeing how Rihanna has officially recognized her loyal fanbase as the Rihanna Navy since last year, it’s only right that she includes the Navy’s anthem. “We’re an army, better yet navy,” goes the bridge. Imagine how CRAZY the real Navy reps will go. Sell a few Rihanna Navy flags at the merchandise stand — or maybe a few Rihanna Navy pink toy guns to wave in the air — and it’s a done deal!

2. Cheers (from Loud)

If “Don’t Stop The Music” was Rihanna’s reliable tour party song, “Cheers” could definitely be the new one. It might be a little awkward since the audience will no doubt be packed with teens who can’t legally “drink to that,” but for the attendees of age, it will lead to the most epic tipsy sing-a-long EVER.

3. Breakin’ Dishes (from Good Girl Gone Bad)

The least Rihanna can do for us since she never officially released this jam as a single (WTF were you thinking, RiRi!?) is to continue to perform “Breakin’ Dishes” on tour. Some will be quick to say she should bury this song and will take issue with its lyrics, you know, considering… But Rihanna’s too badass to care, and fans love “Breakin’ Dishes” too much to be bothered by any cruel irony.

4. Man Down (from Loud)

“Man Down” is hands down one of the best tracks on LOUD. And just like shooting a man down in Central Station, it would be a crime not to include it. We’re dying to see Rih bring out that bad gal island swag on the bridge. Rah rah!

5. Sell Me Candy (from Good Girl Gone Bad)

She was simply a good girl flirting with her bad side when she slinked around the stage with a whip in hand to perform “Sell Me Candy” on her Good Girl Gone Bad tour. But now that she’s graduated from bad to downright “S&M” level naughty, we’d love to see how she’ll rework the staging for this irresistible album cut.

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