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Video: David Archuleta Gives Patriotic Performances At Los Angeles Dodgers Vs. Milwaukee Brewers Game

David Archuleta

David Archuleta was the entertainment for the night at the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Milwaukee Brewers baseball game last night (May 17) as he gave two special performances.

Archie got things started off right with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. He returned later with another patriotic performance, singing God Bless America.

Watch his absolutely stunning performances below:

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  1. He always does a beautiful job on those songs. Loved his performance.

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    You can always count on David to give a beautiful rendition of both the NA and GBA! He sings it with such reverance and respect! Love him! :)

  3. His rendition of America the Beautiful is also heartfelt beautiful. He could have produced a CD with beautiful patriotic songs. I really want to see him singing the NA at the Super Bowl!!!

  4. That was beautiful. I hope this guy realizes how amazing he is. To be able to sing that is a gift. If he avoids the booze and drugs he will be very big.

  5. David did such a fantastic job singing the National Anthem & God Bless America!! No one does these 2 songs better than he does!

  6. Wow! I am just so proud to be a fan of David Archuleta. He really gets what is important in life….Faith, Family, Country. Stunning performances!

  7. Absolutely beautiful – but everything he sings is perfection. I just hope he does a tour this year. Love his voice and admire his character.

  8. I could listen to David sing anything….anytime, anywhere. Such a gorgeous voice! His beautiful renditions of the NA and GBA are stunning indeed, you are so right about that! Love David and his singing.

  9. miranda says:

    David is always reliable. He never disappointed us. He is the best to sing National Anthem and other patriotic songs. That’s why from all those alumni AI, David is the one who was asked the most to sing SSB or other patriotic songs. I do enjoy listening to his rendition of NA or GBA, ATB or other patriotic songs.

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