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Exclusive Live Shots: Robyn Gets Things Started For Katy Perry In Maryland

Somebody almost had to alert the authorities to the criminal intent of the crowd at Katy Perry‘s California Dreams tour last night (June 15) in Columbia, Maryland. For awhile there, it seemed there was a conspiracy to ignore the greatness that was Swedish pop dynamo, Robyn, warming up the tween-packed audience with her electro-laced brand of pop.

But a little more than midway through her set, after performing scorchers like “Fembot,” “Cobrastyle,” and “Dancing On My Own” to a tepid response, the audience began rocking their bodies to Robyn’s tunes. “Indestructible” fully got their attention, and Robyn kept it as she sprinkled her killer dance moves through songs like “Call Your Girlfriend,” and the set’s closer, “Hang With Me.”

Needless to say, we thoroughly rocked our bodies through the entire set. Robyn’s a wonder to behold live.

If you couldn’t be there last night, make plans to go see the California Dreams tour when it hits your town, and click through to our gallery of photos from Robyn’s set.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was at the show also in Columbia. Robyn sucked.


  1. […] Robyn can certainly get the crowd dancing to the beat on her own (eventually), she decided to get a little assistance last night at the […]

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