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New Music: David Archuleta Croons Sweetly On “Everything And More”

David Archuleta

Soaring ballads are totally David Archuleta‘s thing. And, thankfully, he has a new one to croon your eardrums into sweet heavenly bliss with in the form of his new song “Everything And More.”

The piano-laced tune finds David exercising the range of his golden voice; it’s silky and buttery throughout most of it, but he gets gorgeously belty by the end.

Archie is also exercising his songwriter’s pen with “Everything And More.” He co-wrote the song with Grammy-winning songwriter Victoria Horn.

Take a listen to “Everything And More” below:

via AI Now

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  1. David Archuleta crooning…. *dies*

  2. Wow – this sounds great! Hope @davidarchie releases this on itunes or somewhere where people in the USA can buy it!

  3. I love this song and I love what you guys wrote about his voice.

  4. prd9601 says:

    Really like it! Hope we can buy it in the US. Thanks for all the kind words you have for Mr. Archuleta. He sure deserves it!

  5. David’s always so amazing…It doesn’t matter what song he sings..his voice is so incredible and out of this world…hope he releases this as a single in the States~!

  6. I really llike this song!! Also, thanks for the great comments you made about David! He is amazing!!

  7. I am a complete sucker for David’s golden sweet voice, really love this song! I hope too that it will be available to purchase in N America! Just a touch of what we will be hearing from David, I’m sure. He has so much to offer, sweet ballads, bluesy, soulful sounds…all of it ridiculously good!

  8. I really wish David writes more love songs. Writing songs are like writing a novel or story opening up all imaginations and hopes. He can write about love toward his wife!!!! Well, his voice is so good with emotional songs especially love songs!!!

  9. I mean his future wife. hehe.

  10. What an amazing range David has in this song! Every note is golden.

  11. I love, love LOVE this song!!!

  12. TrudyFOD says:

    oh my gosh…I love this new single by David. He just continues to grow musically…that VOICE!! I hope he does a US tour after his Asian tour — David’s concerts are so much fun and David is just amazing on stage…he really brings his music alive when you can see him perform live. I think it’s awesome that David is offering this new song to all his supportive Asian fans. David’s music is so amazing and is for everyone! I am one of David’s older fans … so I appreciate that his music is ageless! Just love him and will support him forever.

  13. asmiralda says:

    I love this song. I wish he releases this song as single. His voice is getting better and better each day. definitely we can see that David took the right decision for the future of his musical career. I’m so proud of him. I’ll buy whatever he offers, his single, album or his next book.

  14. erika23 says:

    Love the song so much!!!Hope I can get it from iTunes!!Thanks for your kind words about David…I’m a fan for Life!!He always touches me with his songs and voice…

  15. Love this song. I can just imagine what it would sound like live as I had the opportunity to witness David’s voice live on two occasions and all I can say is this guy can belt out a song. His voice reaches the rafters in the venue. Also when you hear a song you immediately know who the artist is that is singing it as David’s voice has a very unique sound. It’s a shame that his TOSD album was not promoted properly by his label because the album is outstanding. All the songs are worthy of radio play. I guess what I am trying to say is that they are meaningful songs not like the songs that are played on Top 40 radion which have the same beat and words sung over and over with autotune. I hope this song is available for purchase as I would certainly buy it. When I say he can belt out a song I do mean without screaming which so many other artists do today.
    David is young and growing as an artist can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young man.

  16. NorthCarolinaGirl?Marylee says:

    I absolutely LOVE this song & so thrilled for David that he is taking the time to pursue a new direction for his music & his life..his dedicated fans will be here supporting him every step of the way! <3

  17. NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee says:

    lol..my user name in my original comment is meant to have a “heart” in it ~ in its place is a question mark..I am, without a doubt, a North Carolina Girl! :)

  18. David’s songwriting talent is incredible! Love the new song!

  19. SelenaCyrus says:

    This song reminds me why David is stil one of my favorites. Love Everything and More. Can’t wait to hear him sing it live.

  20. conney javier melicado says:

    love the song…. i will definitely get my copy….

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