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5 Videos MTV Should Nominate For 2011 VMAs

Video: Rihanna – Man Down

Possible Nominations: Best Female Video, Video of the Year, Best Cinematography

Why It Should Be Nominated: They didn’t have the balls to play it unedited but we’re all hoping MTV still recognizes what is arguably Rihanna’s best music video yet.

“Man Down” takes RiRi to the lovely island of Jamaica where she’s living the good life until one night changes everything. At a party, RiRi is adored by a male guest and the two start to dance. When the pushy guy wants more than just a dance, Rihanna declines. When Rihanna leaves the party, the guy follows her. She tries her best to fight off her attacker but the unthinkable happens.

The video’s raw depiction of rape and murderous revenge landed Rihanna in the hot seat from obnoxious parents groups but it also raised awareness on a topic that still seems to be hush hush. We can see this video easily scoring nominations in the Best Female Video, Best Cinematography and Video of the Year categories.

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  1. I totally agree with the first part of this article, Rihanna definitely deserves noms for Man Down. Man Down, to me was the video of the year, it was brilliant. Apart from the story line which was brave of Rihanna, Rihanna’s acting skills were impeccable and it looked so real. When I saw Man Down for the first time, I got chills from start to finish. This video is amazing and deserves recognition….positive recognition. If MTV snubs this video, I’ll be done with them just like I’m over BET.

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