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5 Videos MTV Should Nominate For 2011 VMAs

Video: Ke$ha – Blow

Possible Nominations: Best Female Video, Best Pop Video

Why It Should Be Nominated: When it comes to over the top, ridiculous levels of fun, hilarity, and pop insanity, Ke$ha’s always up for the party, especially when it comes to her videos.  And while the “Sleazy” party girl themes tend to be overplayed by the pop diva, we can’t help but share our adoration (and VMA anticipation) for the video to her hit song “Blow”.

In the clip, the “Tik-Tok” singer takes hilarity and insanity up a couple notches, uniting unicorns, lasers, glitter, and rainbows for one mega-showdown.  She even manages to give Dawson’s Creek fangirls a moment of squeal with James Van Der Beek (aka Dawson aka “James Van Der Douche”) starring as her arch nemesis, which ultimately leads to making out with unicorns, rainbow glitter gunfights, and a face-off between the Beek and “Ke Dollar Sign Ha.”

The sheer combination of pop video comedy goods, alone, should garner the “Queen of Auto-tune” a nod for the highly sought after best pop video category.  Cleaning up her garbage-chic fashion along with a hot, dance beat and that mind-BLOWing hook takes it even further, and might even align her with her pop diva peers for Best Female Video and Best Pop Video.

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  1. I totally agree with the first part of this article, Rihanna definitely deserves noms for Man Down. Man Down, to me was the video of the year, it was brilliant. Apart from the story line which was brave of Rihanna, Rihanna’s acting skills were impeccable and it looked so real. When I saw Man Down for the first time, I got chills from start to finish. This video is amazing and deserves recognition….positive recognition. If MTV snubs this video, I’ll be done with them just like I’m over BET.

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