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5 Videos MTV Should Nominate For 2011 VMAs

Video: Katy Perry featuring Kanye West – E.T.

Possible Nominations: Best Female Video, Video of the Year, Best Cinematography, Best Collaboration, Best Pop Video

Why It Should Be Nominated: It’s no surprise that Katy Perry is our front-runner for all of these categories.  After producing hit after hit this year, E.T. ft. Kanye West became her fourth consecutive single off of her Teenage Dream album to hit #1, and a fan video favorite.

Katy ventures into uncharted territory, portraying herself as an alien drifting in outer space before she falls onto a barren earth, only to meet her mate.  Kanye West, a smart last minute addition to the track, brings his own out-of this-world flavor, and a return to the top of the singles charts as he and extraterrestrial Katy hook-up for this unexpected, yet much appreciated, collaboration.  With stunning visuals of a futuristic world one can only dream of, space-age fashion and accessories to die for, and innovative hair and make-up that would make Medusa beg for her stylist’s phone number, there’s no question how far Katy is willing to go in expressing her creative interpretation of the single, giving filmic life to a video that deserved to be nothing short of spectacular.

If daring to be creative, taking risks, and venturing into unknown territory isn’t a requirement for the MTV VMAs, then why watch the show?  No, but seriously, Katy Perry’s- E.T. ft. Kanye West video should be a no brainer for the nomination committee.     

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  1. I totally agree with the first part of this article, Rihanna definitely deserves noms for Man Down. Man Down, to me was the video of the year, it was brilliant. Apart from the story line which was brave of Rihanna, Rihanna’s acting skills were impeccable and it looked so real. When I saw Man Down for the first time, I got chills from start to finish. This video is amazing and deserves recognition….positive recognition. If MTV snubs this video, I’ll be done with them just like I’m over BET.

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