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5 Videos MTV Should Nominate For 2011 VMAs

Video: Pink – F*ckin Perfect

Possible Nominations: Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, Best Direction

Why It Should Be Nominated: She didn’t crash-land on Earth like Katy Perry. She didn’t face the apocalypse like Breezy and Bieber. She didn’t dance around with a biblical biker gang like Lady Gaga. Pink went with a good old fashion video that told a story — a heart-wrenching one — and that was all she needed to make one of the most powerful videos of the year, in our humble opinions.

“F*ckin Perfect” follows one troubled girl trying to make her way through a life filled with abuse, torment, and depression. Just when it seems she’s going to end it all — in a shockingly graphic scene, she cuts “perfect” into her arm and seemingly waits to die in her bathtub — she realizes she has something to live for: painting. The hobby eventually leads her to a new life with a husband, a daughter, and happiness.

If MTV feels like rewarding a raw, honest, beautifully-acted video, “F*ckin Perfect” is f*ckin perfect for the job.

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  1. I totally agree with the first part of this article, Rihanna definitely deserves noms for Man Down. Man Down, to me was the video of the year, it was brilliant. Apart from the story line which was brave of Rihanna, Rihanna’s acting skills were impeccable and it looked so real. When I saw Man Down for the first time, I got chills from start to finish. This video is amazing and deserves recognition….positive recognition. If MTV snubs this video, I’ll be done with them just like I’m over BET.

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