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4 Tracks You Need To Know From Kelly Rowland’s New Album, Here I Am

Kelly Rowland Here I Am Album Cover

Kelly Rowland - Universal

It’s been a long time coming for former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland‘s eagerly anticipated third solo album, Here I Am. After many, many delays, it has finally arrived in stores.

The set sees Kelly sticking to a more r&b-driven sound, perhaps because of the success of the first official single, Motivation. She offers delectable dance-floor ready tunes and even gets steamy for some baby-making music.

One thing that Kelly has always been good at is giving a great vocal performance and this album is no exception. Kelly shows off her crystal-clear pipes throughout the set, going from high and low notes effortlessly.

Here I Am features a variety of guest stars including Big Sean, Lil Wayne, newcomer Lil Playy and Rico Love.

Take a look at 4 tracks we highly recommend from the album:

I’m Dat Chick: Kelly’s not cocky, she just loves herself. On this club-ready banger, Kelly gets boastful and bragalicious. “I get all the boys, all the boys, all the boys. They wanna get with me, get with me, get with me.” Kelly sings. She sings the song with such flavor and gives it such a distinctive delivery. Those days of Kelly lacking confidence? Yeah, they’re over.

Lay It On Me: Big Sean is clearly out to be most featured rapper of the year. He jumps on this breezy, summer jam-worthy track with Kelly where she makes some sexy plans for her lover boy. “What time do you get off? I want to see you tonight. What time will you be here? I wanna hold you tonight.” Sean is more forward, proclaiming “you gotta talk that nasty sh-t,” and rapping “Call my d–k curiosity cause it killed the cat.” The song is the perfect follow-up to Motivation.

Feelin’ Me Right Now: Forget finding a man to go home with when spending a night out at the club. Kelly’s leaving solo and that’s just the way she likes it. She’s got big plans to take herself home and “love her right.” But this up-tempo blazer isn’t all about the thrills of solo..umm..fun. Kelly sings about loving her independence in other matters as well. “So know I’m good. I can buy my own. I drive my own right now.” Kelly’s an independent woman (pun intended) and she’s feeling it.

Turn It Up: Kelly’s the victim of a horrible, cheating boyfriend. Instead of getting even and spilling everything she knows, she’s hitting the bottle–hard– to feel better about it all. “I could tell her, I could tell her that you said you loved me. I could tell her that you’re so unhappy. Instead I’m sipping til I’m empty. Empty. I’m sipping til im empty.” Kelly’s sure that “what comes around, goes around,” but until then, she’s going to “buy another round, buy another round.”

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  1. Jasmine says:

    ‘Here I Am’ will go down as one of the best albums of 2011 ! Can’t wait for the world tour with Chris Brown … hope she performs “UNITY” live in concert ~ best song by Kelly Rowland !

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