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Exclusive: Kelly Rowland Talks Getting “Goofy” With Beyoncé On “Party” Video Set

Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé - Twitter

When Beyoncé threw a “Party” at a trailer park community in New Jersey for her next music video on Tuesday (August 2), she invited a few friends along. One of those friends was her former Destiny’s Child groupmate, Kelly Rowland.

Photos from the video set show the two pals all dressed up to jam — Beyoncé in a yellow fur jacket, Kelly in a sparkly plum ensemble — at the Oakdale Mobile Home Community in South Brunswick.

Neon Limelight talked to Kelly yesterday (August 3) to find out what her role in the clip will be.

“I’m just doing a cameo,” she told us. “We just had a really good time.”

Rowland’s appearance in the video alongside B is sure to conjure up memories for DC fans, and it did as well for Kelly.

“We noticed that we were doing certain stuff that we used to do as kids,” Rowland said with a laugh. “We kinda felt a little goofy for a second so we stopped. But we just had a good time.”

Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange was also spotted on the video set.

The 90’s-inspired “Party,” from Beyoncé’s latest album, 4, was produced by Kanye West and features Andre 3000. No word yet on if either of them will appear in the video.

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  1. beYAWNcy ain’t had Kelly in none of her videos since get me bodied, and since her career has took a nose dive on this stupid ass cd 4, she now wants to pick off of Kelly’s hype. Kelly needs to cut that bitch loose just like she did Matthew. beYAWNcy is a slick leach ass pole dancing whore….Kelly watch your blessings, and get that demon beYAWNcy and the rest of those knowles out of your business.

    • @Troy… Is it too hard to believe that Beyonce and Kelly are actually life-long friends that enjoy working together? Is it unheard of for friends to help each other out? The “Get Me Bodied” cameo Kelly [along with Michelle and Solange] did have a “party” vibe as well. Another cameo in the “Party” video seems like it would be much of the same kind of cameo, which then says to me that Beyonce probably wanted to do that kind of thing again, and apparently Kelly did too. Maybe with busy schedules it’s an opportune time to kick it while working. To say she needs Kelly in her video because her career has taken a nose dive is just as stupid & apparently deaf you are to say that her 4 cd is stupid. THIS CD 4 IS NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING, and my favorite from her as far as a cohesive album goes, and apologies to the haters as it’s platinum already [I hope the same for Kelly]. Also, Bey has a new Movie “A Star is Born” to complete, which will be directed by Clint Eastwood. Sounds like more history-making work and nothing like a nose dive to me.

  2. candygirl88 says:

    GOOOOO BEY,,love her!!!

  3. Troy
    WTF?? What the hell are you talking about. Bey’s album has gone platinum.


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