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New Video: LIGHTS Puts Her “Toes” To Work In Latest Clip

Lights in "Toes"

“You got me on my toes,” LIGHTS sings on her new single, titled “Toes.” And that’s exactly where she stays in the video for the track.

The Canadian electro-pop star puts her little tootsies to work in the video, strutting around the town, across the city streets and underground where the subway runs. Along the way, she sees all the urban oasis has to offer: graffiti artists working on their latest masterpieces, skateboarders busting tricks, and breakdancers showing off their sick moves.

By the end of the clip, it’s LIGHTS’ turn to do what she does best: rock a crowd while tickling a gnarly synth.

“Toes” is taken from LIGHTS’ anticipated sophomore album, Siberia, out on October 4.

Check out the video for “Toes” below:

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