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Video: Kris Allen Updates Fans On Progress Of New Album

Kris Allen - Whosay

Fans have been patiently (but also, impatiently) waiting for American Idol season 8 winner, Kris Allen, to release new music. To give them something to get excited over, Kris recorded a video to update fans on the progress of his new album.

“The songwriting process is over and the songs feel amazing,” Kris excitedly said in the video message. “We’re trying as quick as we can to get into the studio.”

The hold up? The search for a producer Allen says. He says he’s working with his label on finding the best way to get this done and says he’s excited and ready for new music. “Be ready for it because it’s going to be awesome.”

The new album will be Kris’ official sophomore album and the follow-up to his 2009 self-titled major label debut. His first set was led by the uber successful first single, Live Like We’re Dying.

Watch the video below:

Kris Allen on WhoSay

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  1. I reeeeeallly can’t wait for his new album to come out! From what I hear from people he’s collaborated with, it sounds like it’s going to be amazing.

  2. Really Excited to hear what Kris has been working on! Can’t wait for the new abum.

  3. Excited for new stuff! If it’s anything like the new songs he’s played at the live shows, it will be awesome.

  4. Still hoping for a new album this year but if it gets pushed out, I am still excited for new music. You can tell he is really excited about what he has created & hopefully that excitement will transfer to his fans, RCA & 19M. Can’t wait.

  5. Pat Denney says:

    Really excited for Kris’ new album. I’m hoping RCA will get his album out this year. He is so awesome live and it will be exciting to see him perform his new music when he does a new tour!

  6. Can’t wait!! Hope it’s this year tho!

  7. Excited to hear his new music. If they can’t release the album this year, I’m hoping they will at least put out a lead single.

  8. Loved the video! Thanks for posting! I’m one of the impatient fans, I gotta admit. But this video gave me a little peace of mind. Love Kris and can’t wait for new music! If you guys haven’t heard “You Got a Way” you need to google it because it’s awesome! I hope it makes the new album. Oh, here… I googled it for you. :)

  9. I can’t wait to hear the new album. I hope he includes some more upbeat songs.

  10. Kris Allen ia an awesome singer and songwriter. He sing with so much passion. It’s great to see him live in concert. Can’t wait for the new music.

  11. ahhh i need another album from kris allen so badly! hopefully this means we will be hearing one soon :)

  12. linsmiling says:

    Glad to hear Kris is happy with the music he is creating. Can’t wait to hear it!

  13. Ha that is so right, waiting patiently (but impatiently) for this album!! Killing me here. But ahh it’ll be worth the wait. Wishing Kris luck in the producer hunt, fingers crossed (toes crossed too)

  14. Oh hai Kris Allen! Happy to hear you have new music on the way!
    ps – you are looking mighty fine!

  15. Thank you Kris for being in tune with your fans and keeping us updated. I know my hair was turning grey, but now it’s back to it’s normal color. Get a great producer or producers and knock that new CD out of the park. With an awesome single to boot.

    So glad you love the results.

  16. Looking forward to some great new music from Kris Allen!! (and the dog, too)

  17. Excited for new Kris Allen music!

  18. jenn sweet says:

    Thanks for posting. Love Kris Allen, can’t wait for his next album!

  19. I can’t wait for this! Please just make sure we get at least a single this year if the album is pushed out to next year.

  20. I don’t wanna wait! I want new Kris music now!!!! :*(

  21. Hope Kris Allen’s new album is released soon!

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