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Exclusive Live Shots: Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, T-Pain And Tyga Bring F.A.M.E. Tour To Washington DC

Tyga, Kelly Rowland, T-Pain and Chris Brown - Stacey Johnson/Neon Limelight

Chris Brown brought his sold out F.A.M.E. tour to Washington DC’s Verizon Center last night (September 17) and gave the crowd a show they won’t soon forget.

Young Money rapper, Tyga, energetically took the stage to get things started with tracks like Roger That, BedRock and more. Kelly Rowland–who is quite possibly the most stunning person on the planet–was up next and she blazed her way through songs from the past and present. She took fans back with a Destiny’s Child medley and then brought them up speed with songs like I’m Dat Chick and Motivation from her new album, Here I Am. T-Pain shocked with the second-best set of the night as he turned the venue into a party with hit after hit.

Last but not least was the man of the hour–or hour and a half–Chris Brown. From the moment he appeared on stage with F.A.M.E. album track Say It With Me, he owned the crowd. He’d have them dancing their hairstyles out with party starters like Yeah 3x and move them beyond words with slow tunes like the luscious All Back.

Flip through our gallery of exclusive live photos (60 plus images) from the concert by clicking the image above.

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  1. what about the singing, i know he’s a good dancer but is he lipsyncing again if so i could be a backup dancer

    • i was there last night, and he sung majority of the time……he only lipsynced when he was doing intense dances. All in all he was great lol.

      • I attended the show in NJ and had front row seats. well fifth row. lol. he was AMAZING! actually he was not lip syncing at all. I believe they call it voice overlay, this is used for a performance like chris which requires a lot of dancing. you could tell when he took the mike away from his mouth as the vocals went down. anyways, he turned the show out. it was fun fun fun!

  2. i love Tyga,hes da best rapper in hiphop in da whole world cuss,i can hear properly wat he sings daily! i keep da love,in JESUS NAME I PRAY.

  3. if you dont have what to say shut up, chris is talented and you know that .lipwhaever is non of your business the fact remains that he is talented

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  1. […] Photos: Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, T-Pain, and Tyga bring F.A.M.E. Tour to DC […]

  2. […] Photos: Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, T-Pain, and Tyga bring F.A.M.E. Tour to DC […]

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