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Review: Chris Brown Brings Spectacular F.A.M.E. Tour To Washington DC

Chris Brown - Neon Limelight

There’s a stark difference between the Chris Brown who shows up to perform at awards shows and the Chris Brown who performs on tour. When he performs on stage in front of critics and industry peers at those swanky ceremonies, there’s always a slight tension in his performance, like there’s a pressure to prove his talent is bigger than his troubles.

But on tour, he’s relaxed. He has nothing to prove to anyone but himself. He’s in a virtual safe haven, surrounded by people proud to call themselves members of Team Breezy, who likely aren’t judging him, but who just simply want to be entertained.

And that’s exactly what Breezy did last night (September 17) at his concert stop in Washington DC on his F.A.M.E. Tour, his first arena tour stateside in more than two years.

For 90 minutes, Breezy captivated the crowd, comprised mostly of young women and teen girls, with a laid back show on a massive, neon-lit stage.

“I feel like I’m home,” Brown, who grew up not far from DC in Virginia, told the crowd at the Verizon Center after blazing through the dance-pop scorcher “Say It With Me” from his latest album, F.A.M.E. “Am I home?!” The audience answered with eardrum-piercing screams and thunderous applause — a sound that would be heard often throughout the night.

Breezy would continue to wow DC with awe-inspiring dance moves, charming banter, and body-rocking songs from his four albums and mixtapes, like “I Can Transform Ya,” “Wall To Wall,” “She Ain’t You,” “Oh My Love,” “Deuces,” which he was joined by the night’s first opening act, Tyga, on, “Paper, Scissor, Rock,” “Yeah 3X,” and “Forever.”

Photos: Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, T-Pain, and Tyga bring F.A.M.E. Tour to DC

He slowed the pace of the party briefly to let a few of his ballads, both heartfelt (“With You,” “All Back”) and hormone-felt (“Leave The Club,” “Body 2 Body,” “Wet The Bed,” “Take You Down”), shine. It was on those songs that he proved he’s more than just a phenomenal dancer, he’s also a viable singer when he gives the backing tracks a rest. “No BS” and the slow and sexy build up to “No Air” where Breezy crooned “I just wanna love you tonight” over and over were especially vocally pleasing.

Breezy finished the night with a spectacular neon light show set to his dance jam “Beautiful People” that you really have to see to believe. Think Tron: Legacy gone pop.

Before performing the boastful, hip-hop heavyweight, “Look At Me Now,” earlier in the night, Breezy made the first and only reference to any of his past woes. “My mama always told me, sometimes it’s good to be at the bottom because there’s nowhere else to go but up.” Looking around at the insanely packed arena cheering and screaming, it was clear: Breezy’s definitely made his way back up.

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  1. Keep doing your thing Chris! All about positivity. :)

  2. I attended the concert in NJ. he was AMAZING!

  3. Very good review can’t wait to see him in my city!

  4. This was an AMAZING REVIEW, i read it twice already. People who write and comment on other blogs saying Breezy can’t or doesn’t sing that all he does is lipsync & auto-tune clearly haven’t been watching the Chris Brown i know. Through out his concerts, he has sang BEAUTIFULLY without backing tracks or auto tune and several thousands of attendees can testify to that. There for I think the media is still in the business of blackmailing him. Now they’ve gone after Kelly claiming the Jay Z & Beyonce are unhappy that Kelly is Touring with Breezy. All of these media reporting this story don’t have evidence to back their claim. And If that were even the case, WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK?!!; I am sure Kelly doesn’t. She is finally significantly making her mark in the industry and JAY Z isn’t happy? JAY Z is too focused on Rihanna, i think he should think more about Beyonce now that he has a child on the way.

  5. I attended this concert and loved every minute of it. Chris Brown surely shined that night. You could also tell he was very relaxed on stage. I would say you can def see that hes very appreciative of his fans because he made sure that he gave an amazing show. I even watched him put in his pocket a piece of paper a fan gave him lol. If you’ve ever had a doubt about him lyrically he squashed it that night. Keep doing what your doing Chris!

  6. TeamBreezyAllways says:

    Wow what an excellent REVIEW! I agree, I saw him last evening and im still MEMORIZED! Chris is just the King of it all. Haters and the racist media need to fall back. I’m sick of the noise and unfair treatment he receives. CharlieSheen has a 20 yr history of beating women yet he is always forgiven and accepted. they never discuss him SHOOTING Kelly Preston, STRANGLING Denis e Richardson or putting KNIFE TO THE THROAT of his last wife Brook Muller and threatened to BEHEAD HER! why don;t they treat him the way thsy do 22-yr-old Crhis Brown? Oh yeah right its RACIST AMEERICA THAT’S WHY!!

  7. I was pleased to see a positive review. Sometimes I hate to read an article because of all the trash and negativity people write. Keep up the hard work Chris and your mom is right sometimes you need to hit rock bottom. Many valuable lessons can be learned when u have to start over. keep singing and dancing that is your gift.

  8. My sister and I attended the concert on Sat. 9/17 and the above review is on point. I can say that I am no where near a screaming teen—that time has come and gone, but rather a mature woman who throughly enjoyed the show. Chris Brown is the greatest performer since MJ–yes, I said it! Keep doing what you do Chris. The best is yet to come.

  9. The FAME tour is going to be awesome! Chris Brown is such a great performer. He gives his all on stage for his fans. Really excited for the concert in Miami on Oct 5. Got front row seats @ Totaltickets.com

  10. chris is just wow


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