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Adam Lambert Working On New Music With Pharrell Williams

Adam Lambert, Pharrell Williams - Getty

Sometimes the oddest pairs end up being the most epic, and it seems Adam Lambert could be on to something with his latest pairing.

The golden-voiced glam-rocker has revealed he’s been in the studio working on new music with super-producer and entertainer Pharrell Williams.

“Woops – forgot to tweet about being a judge on @projectrunway tonight at 9! I was busy recording smash’s w @Pharrell!” Adam tweeted last night. (In case you missed it, watch Adam on Project Runway here.)

In an earlier tweet during a Q&A with fans, Adam said he was “extremely honored” to work with the fashion-forward Williams, adding, “I don’t think y’all are ready for that!”

The Q&A unearthed more details about Adam’s highly-anticipated sophomore set, like its sound (“Some of it’s really fun and upbeat yet honest and real. Other tracks are moody, dark. Both sides of me.”) and how it’s different from his debut, For Your Entertainment (“I think the production style is more progressive and forward thinking then in the past”).

Adam’s second studio album was pushed back from the originally projected fall release until early 2012, but the set’s first single should be coming next month. No word yet on whether or not it will be his collaboration with Williams.

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  1. So excited to learn that Adam is in studio with Pharrell Williams he’s not someone I knew until Adam tweeted about him. But after I googled him I was very impressed he’s done everything from songwriting to producing. I think what Adam was referring to when he said “don’t think ya all are ready for that” is that he’s not worked in a genre that Pharrell is known for. So it’s going to be interesting to see if they do something “hip hop” or pop. But I’m sure no matter what it will be a hit.

  2. The EXCITEMEMNT is Building…we are going nuts waiting for Adams next round of Awesomness…His music on FYE is the best out and better then anything on the air..so round two..with Adam at the wheel more ~with his creative, uninhibitated mind at work….this is going to be BEYOND EXHILARATNG!!
    Waiting first in line for WILD RIDE # 2!!!

    Love Everything about YOU ADAM..XOXO

    • I agree with Yvette 100% FYE album was incredible and can’t imagine his his 2nd album topping that one but after reading so many tweets from ppl collaborating with Adam on songs for new album I think Adam may just top FYE. It sounds like Adam’s new music will be more creative, out of the box type music that we I mean the world has not experience yet. I think it will have an entirely different sound and very unique. My biggest hope is that his vocals will be the main focus in this new music. Adam has expressed that he wanted to please his fans and is trying to do just that. I’m waiting for round #2 of the wild Adam Lambert ride. Round #1 was epic.

  3. Interesting combo. Looking forward to hearing the results.

  4. I’ve never tired of listening to FYE album and I play it just about every day. But am eagerly anticipating his next effort. I’m interested to see where he’s going, now. Everything I learn about him on line shows just how fascinating this beautiful creature is. He really seems to be in charge of his career. Glad to see that. Good Luck to the most talented singer out there today!!!! Love you madly.

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