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Video: Lady Gaga Shows Her Teeth In Mugler Paris Fashion Week Film

Lady Gaga

Don’t eff with Lady Gaga or Mugler, or Gaga just might show her teeth. Her shiny, gem-covered teeth.

Gaga gets artsy and badass in a new fashion film she debuted at the Thierry Mugler runway show today (September 29) as part of Paris Fashion Week.

In the clip, Gaga, rocking two colorful ponytails and those shiny teeth, mutters breathlessly, “sometimes my heart feels so black in the dunes of sand, and other days, my heart feels like rainbows.” Weeeeird. But a rainbow-hearted Gaga isn’t what you’ll get if you dare mess with the self-proclaimed “Mugler woman,” as she warns, “don’t f*ck with me, don’t f*ck with Mugler. Do you want to anger Mugler woman? She will eat you.”

The full film will be online soon. Until then, little monsters can check out a shortened, censored version of the film below:

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