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Neon Reviews: LIGHTS – Siberia

LIGHTS - Siberia

Canadian electro-pop star LIGHTS is known for tickling a gnarly synth but that isn’t all that she can do.

On her sophomore album, Siberia, the singer is showing off her many sides by adopting a more in your face, gritty sound and mixing it with the synth-filled, electronica-pop-fusion her fans have come to love. The result is an album that appeals to just about everyone. There are tracks that will keep her loyal pop crowd satisfied but–dare we say it–give her a few hip hop fans as well.

Bigger and bolder beats are showcased throughout the set on songs like the teaser single Everybody Breaks A Glass, Flux And Flow–both featuring rapper Shad–and Fourth Dimension. She takes her classic synth-pop sound and kicks it up a few hundred notches on tunes like the official first single Toes, Banner and Timing Is Everything. And she breaks totally new ground with the nearly nine minute long instrumental only trance-inducing cut Day One.

While the overall feel of “Siberia” is different from her debut album, The Listening, LIGHTS continues to write raw, honest lyrics that connect with her fanbase. This is evident on the gorgeous ballad Cactus In The Valley. “I never meant to wither/I wanted to be tall/Like a fool left the river/And watched my branches fall/Old and thirsty I longed for the flood to come back around/To the cactus in the valley that’s about to crumble down,” she starts the song. “And wipe the mark of sadness from my face/Show me that your love will never change/If my yesterday is a disgrace/Tell me that you still recall my name.

Musical progression is the name of the game for LIGHTS on this new set and she fully accomplishes this. Siberia blurs the lines between genres and shows that this artist is more than a synth-tickling one trick pony.

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  1. Yes, I was a fan of LIGHTS’ first album The Listening. Well let me tell you, this album shows a definite leap from that one. It’s more upbeat, and perhaps more melodic. Surprisingly, I feel like the first single “Toes”, while good, isn’t even one of the best songs. Check out “Where The Fence Is Low”, “Timing Is Everything”, “Siberia”…..and I love the tracks “Suspension” and “Fourth Dimension”. In fact, I wouldn’t be too surprised if one of those will end up being a single. I do have to admit that some of the production felt a little out of place at first, but I like it more now and it really makes things fresh. I think this is how electropop should sound.

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