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NL Interview: Lauren Alaina Answers Fan Questions

After successfully (and hilariously) tackling our 12 Random Questions interview last week, American Idol season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina stuck around a bit longer to answer some of the fan questions we received on Twitter. The questions ranged from which song on her newly-released album, Wildflower, is her  favorite, to how her guitar lessons are going, to which charitable organization she’d love to become involved with. And just as she did with our first Q&A, she answered the questions with charm and a bit of humor.

Check out our short but sweet interview with Lauren where she answers your questions below:

What’s your favorite song on Wildflower and why?

I love them all in different ways because they all reach out to me. Every time I get asked this question I say a different one, but I think right now I’m really stuck on “The Middle.”

What scares you the most about your new career and journey you’re on?

Just making the best decisions for long-term. I wanna make music for a very long time and I don’t want to make a decision that would hinder that. But I won’t because I have such a great team around me that’s going to help me out. I’m just ready for whatever’s gonna come in my direction.

What’s one charitable organization you’d love to be a part of and why?

My cousin Holly had a brain tumor and the American Cancer Society helped her out a lot, so anything I could do for them, I will.

Where do you see yourself in five years in your career and personal life?

In five years I’ll be 21, so hopefully I’ll be out on tour somewhere performing for my fans and maybe by then I’ll have a boyfriend. I don’t know. [laughs]

You should! That’s a long time!

I don’t know. I don’t usually keep a boyfriend. I’ll like ‘em for a few weeks and then I’m over ‘em.

How’s it going with learning to play the guitar?

I was learning to play the guitar but my band surprised me with a new mandolin so I’m gonna learn to play that instead.


It’s so cute. It’s so cute.

It’s cuter than the guitar and that’s why you want to play it?


The fans really love the song you wrote, “Funny Thing About Love.” Is writing something you want to do more of?

Yeah. I write all the time and I just didn’t have a lot of time to put more on the album, but I write all the time. I’m always writing new songs.

The last question is about your favorite gift from a fan, but I guess it goes hand in hand with the Titanic book you received…

I love any gift that my fans [give me]. It’s because they’re so thoughtful and they come up with the coolest things. I’m not real picky with my gifts. Whatever they get me, I’ll love it.

More on Lauren: Twitter / Facebook / Official Website

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