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NL Interview: Diggy Simmons Talks Career, Touring, New Album, Family Legacy, And Girls

Random Questions

NL:  What’s your guilty pleasure?

D:  Chocolate shakes

NL:  If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

D:  Maybe Hawaii, because I love the weather and it’s just a beautiful place.

NL:  Favorite TV show of all time?

D:  I don’t watch a lot of TV but Family Guy is pretty good.

NL:  What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?

D:  The Smurfs

NL:  What makes you happy?

D:  My supporters, they make me happy for real.  Like I don’t take them for granted, they make me very happy.

NL:  Who’s your celebrity crush?

D: Rihanna.  I love everything about Rihanna.

NL:  Are you single and what qualities do you look for in a young lady?

D: I am single, and the qualities that I look for is definitely someone that’s warm and affectionate, cause you know I’m the same way.  So somebody that’s definitely that way, and is just inviting, sweet and kind type of girl, cause you know that’s what my mom is like too.  Just somebody that’s like that, somebody that just loves to have a good time and can be herself around me and I can be the same around her, and we’re just compatible.  You know, we just click, and we’re just best friends and we can absolutely talk about anything together or you know do anything together.  That’s definitely some of the qualities I look for in a girlfriend.

NL:  You seem very career-focused right now, so I’m sure you don’t have time for the ladies just yet?

D:  I mean, I’m looking, but of course you know I am very focused on my career.


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