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Taylor Swift Threatens To Sue Over “Leaked” Nude Photo

Taylor Swift - Wireimage

A pop star having a nude photo leak to the internet is not exactly rare these days. But Taylor Swift is denying that it’s happened to her.

Over the weekend, a celebrity gossip website called Celebrity Jihad posted a photo of a topless woman that they claim is the country star. Not only is Taylor denying she’s the woman in the picture, she’s threatening to sue the website if they do not remove the image.

According to TMZ, Swift’s legal team sent a letter to the website stating it contains “false pornographic images and false ‘news’” about Swift, and if the post isn’t removed, she’s ready to sue for trademark infringement.

Celebrity Jihad doesn’t seem too afraid. The photo is still on the website. But they’ve offered Swift a comical/offensive compromise: “We will remove the article if Taylor Swift simply agrees to convert to Islam. To convert to Islam, Taylor Swift must publicly renounce her Jew God Jesus, and accept Allah as her lord and master. She must then sacrifice a goat and devour its entrails. Pretty standard stuff really.”


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