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Video: Rihanna Chooses Her Album Covers In First ‘Countdown To Talk That Talk’ Webisode


Two hot photos. One big decision to be made. Which shot is worthy of being the cover of Rihanna‘s new album, Talk That Talk? That’s what the pop star is faced with in the very first “Countdown to Talk That Talk” webisode.

In one shot, RiRi’s sticking her tongue out and is giving the camera one badass stare-down while the album title is scrawled like a tattoo on her arm. The other is a gorgeous black and white photo of RiRi puffing smoke from her mouth.

Of course, since Rihanna’s already revealed her two album covers earlier last month, we already know that she went with the fierce, full-color, tongue out shot as the standard edition cover and the black and white for the deluxe. But now we get to see why RiRi wanted the color shot to represent the album on a grander scale. “This to me is the most unpretty cover that I’ve ever done and that’s why I like it,” Rihanna says in the clip. “It’s not about what I look like, how smooth and perfect it is. It’s about what my eyes say. My eyes say everything — the tongue out, it’s like, I don’t give a f*ck that this is not cute because I got something to say. I gotta talk that talk.”

See Rihanna choose her Talk That Talk album covers in the webisode below:

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