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Video: Rihanna Sings “G4L” In “Countdown To Talk That Talk” Webisode


Before Rihanna‘s LOUD Tour kicked off in June, we listed five songs we were dying to see her perform, and the gritty Rated R track “G4L” was at the top of the list. Because the song is where the name of RiRi’s fanbase, Rihanna Navy, originated (“We’re an army, better yet a navy, better yet crazy. Guns in the air,” goes the lyrics in the bridge), we felt it’s the perfect song for fans to unite to.

It didn’t make the setlist, but since then, Rihanna’s been trying to add the song somehow. Today, she gave fans the next best thing. In the latest Countdown to Talk That Talk webisode, we see RiRi having a jam session with her band at 2AM after a sold-out show in Antwerp, Belgium. And what are they performing during this early-morning rock-out? That’s right. “G4L.”

As thankful as we are to see RiRi sing her gangster anthem live some kind of way, this only makes us want to throw our guns up in a packed arena even more. Sigh.

Check out Rihanna’s latest Countdown to Talk That Talk webisode, featuring her performance of “G4L,” below:

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  1. She songs HORRIBLE. Lol. I used to love this song.

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