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New Music: Paramore Wave “Hello Cold World” In Latest Singles Club Release


It’s a cold, cruel world out there, but life is what you make it. That’s the advice Paramore give in their new song, “Hello Cold World.”

“It’s such a cold, cold world and it’s got me down. But I’ll just get back up as long as it spins ’round. Hello cold world,” frontwoman Hayley Williams sings on the kicky, uptempo track’s chorus.

“Hello Cold World” is the latest track the band’s debuted in their recently-launched Singles Club, a spot on their official website where new songs will be premiered directly to the fans. The tracks, including “In The Mourning,” “Renegade,” and ‘Hello Cold World,” were recorded around the same time the trio recorded their Transformers: Dark Of The Moon soundtrack song, “Monster.”

Hear “Hello Cold World” below:

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