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X Factor USA: Top 5 Performances Leading Up To The Season Finale

Melanie Amaro - Fox

The X Factor USA is one performance show and one results show away from concluding for it’s very first season. During season one, we’ve gotten to know the contestants and see them give their all on the stage with stunning performances that won’t easily be forgotten.

Before the final three–Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene– take the stage tonight (December 21) for their last performance show, we’re looking back at some of the best live show performance. In no particular order (Steve Jones voice), check out five of the performances we simply loved.

Melanie Amaro – Feeling Good: Serve those vocals, Mel! Melanie took a song that’s been performed over a billion times on reality singing competitions and delivered one of the best versions and vocals. And that high note at the end? Flawless. Without a flaw. Missing flaws–you get it. It was great!

Josh Krajcik – Something: Powerful. Moving. Stunning. Brilliant. All words that describe Josh’s performance of this gem by The Beatles. Sure, he looked a little possessed (or insane as Simon Cowell put it) during the performance but we think that only adds to the passion and emotion of the performance.

Astro – Lose Yourself: Astro sure had a lot of attitude but with so much attitude came a lot of talent. The kid churned out a hit-worthy version of Eminem’s smash single and brought out some killer stage presence to match.

Rachel Crow – I’d Rather Go Blind: Rachel pulled out a show-stopping performance when she channeled Beyonce for this stunning performance. And to think, she chose this song herself! The pint-sized diva won’t be in the finals but performances like this one shows that she’ll have a solid career ahead of her.

Chris Rene – Young Homie: Admittedly, we’re not the biggest fans of Chris Rene’s but you can’t deny the genius that was his Let It Be/Young Homie performance for dedication night. He reminded the people who were getting tired of him of just why they loved him in the first place.

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    Ive been trying to vote for Melanie Amaro and the number i am calling said it is no longer in service 1-855-843-9303

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