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Video: Miley Cyrus Goes Wild In “LOL” Movie Trailer

Miley Cyrus in "LOL"

It seems Miley Cyrus‘ coming of age flick “LOL” has been on the shelf forever. But the movie could finally be seeing the light of day soon if the appearance of the movie’s trailer on the internet and the very vague “this year” release timeframe it totes is anything to judge by.

In the trailer, Miley’s just being good ol’, wild child Miley. Actually, she’s being Lola, a teenaged girl who lets her obsession with boys and her social life get in the way of her grades, relationship with her mom, and overall good behavior. Also, there’s smooching, Paris, hot guys, and Demi Moore in the trailer. Weee!

Check out the trailer for LOL below:

via EW

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