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New Music: Amber Rose Tries Making Music Her New Claim To “Fame” With Debut Single

Amber Rose - Fame

Clearly there’s some kind of void in the pop world that infamous tabloid stars are trying to fill. First it was Kim Kardashian with her not-too-soon forgotten, aspiring club anthem “Jam.” Now, it’s Amber Rose‘s turn to try with her debut single, “Fame.”

The former video girl-turned-model, known for her no-hair-don’t-care beauty — oh, and being the ex of Kanye West and current of Wiz Khalifa, sings — er, whispers, actually — over a synth and piano-driven beat about being “just a girl” to an “overnight sensation” who now gets to rock all the fly clothes you won’t see anywhere else and travel the world on private jets. But what’s the price of fame? “Everything you say will and can be used against you,” she says on the refrain. Amber’s star (or booty) power even affords her a verse by Khalifa.

All in all, the song isn’t completely terrible. It’s catchy, at least. It would be much better if Miley Cyrus performed it on Hannah Montana (sans some of the more grown up lyrics) and it wasn’t a grown woman’s serious attempt at a music career though.

Are you ready for Amber Rose’s new claim to “Fame”? Listen below:

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