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Video: Adam Lambert Performs “Better Than I Know Myself” On ‘Jay Leno’

Adam Lambert

Talk about a showstopping performance.

Adam Lambert appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to give the debut performance of his new single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” and there’s no other word to describe the performance other than absolute and total “slayage.”

From the finely tuned band, which includes new musical director Kevin Hastings, who used to work with Rihanna, to Adam displaying every peak and valley of his stunning voice, a debut performance couldn’t get any better. If we weren’t already in love, we’d be falling head-over-heels right about now.

“Better Than I Know Myself” leads Adam’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, Trespassing, out on March 20.

Watch Adam slay on Leno below:

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  2. I am still shaking and tears running down my face and it’s been over 40 min since Adam performed Better Than I Know Myself on Tonight Show. I honestly think Adam is the most talented singer on this planet. His vocals are unmatched in the present music industry. No one can top him. I can’t wait for the new album now.

  3. come on Jay, interview the guy !!

    • Ovationimpact says:

      In pre-show Jay was asked if he was going to interview Adam and answered that Adam was there to sing. Please note that Jay was so sweet in his answer and after attending my first Leno show taping… I have great respect for Jay, he is a super nice talented man. Oh, Adam knocked his performance out of the park along with the band. #PERFECTIONBERT


  5. WOW! Adam has the best voice in the business. Go Adam!!!!

  6. adamluv1000 says:

    Adam was amazing!!! Thanks for putting this video up so quickly. Can’t get enough of his singing.

  7. The ending part… woah! *_*

  8. That was vocal and performance perfection. I am almost speechless and at a loss for words. First off, he he breathtakingly gorgeous! What a handsome man! Adam vocal range, tone and phrasing are unmatched. I seriously mean that. Adele is the closet singer I can think of who is as vocally superb. But Adam, OMG. The world is a more magical place because of you.

    • I agree with you about Adele and Adam but have to say that I think Adele’s voice is unique unlike the rest of the pop singers and she isn’t a sex kitten like R, K, LGG. She appeals to a lot of people because she’s real.
      On the other hand I don’t thin Adele has Adam’s range as he hasn’t found just how high he can go yet. He’s on a list of top 100 singers of all time and came in #2 under Jackie Wilson. Most on that list have passed away. he ranked higher than Freddie and most all lead singers for rock bands. We prob shouldn’t even compare male and female singers because they are so different.

    • Well I love Adele and how she changed Top 40 for now but she blew out her vocal chords last year because her producer insisted she could sing out of her range and she couldn’t. She has no vocal training.She said this herself in interviews. So while she is super talented and can sing and uniquely, there is NO comparison. Adam sang almost every day on his tour over 115 shows with no vocal fatique at all because he knows what he’s doing and has perfected his instrument. That being said, I think all of her songs, oddly, are also perfect for Adam. Weird coincidence.

  9. ADAM LAMBERT IS BACK!! YES!!! What a superb debut performance for his new single. The voice, the look, AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing this vid..love it!!

  10. Geez – after that performance, everything else looks second-rate.

  11. thud…..

  12. Thanks for this article! Adam’s performance was unbelievably amazing and out of this world. I must say he looked and sounded million times better on my HD T.V. Have it saved on my DVR to watch it later. Wished you could post a High Quality of this performance. The video you have posted is a little blurry with a low sound and yes I used my BOSE headphone to listen to it. Better Than I Know Myself is my favorite song right now and can’t wait to hear Trespassing in March 20th. Love you Adam. You’re the best.

  13. The only thing that matches his superb voice is his looks. What a man!

    • Adam Lambert is an amazing singer and stunningly handsome man,there is no match in his vocals and and live performance skills. On the shallow note, he is superbly sexy man.

  14. Lambertslabelle says:

    oh I missed soooooooo much to see him performing!!!!! Stunning !!! Professional!!!!!Sentimental!!!!!!Beautiful!!!!!!! It closes my throat!

  15. beautiful performance ^__^

  16. Adam, you delivered another totaly supurb performance, didn’t expect anything else, but its always a thrill to watch and hear you sing, and I have truely missed that for awhile, thank you.

  17. Loved his look as much as the performance.

  18. adam was amazing and the note at the end omg wow

  19. Really enjoyed Adam Lambert’s beautiful performance of ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ on Leno last night. His new album ‘Trespassing’ is gonna be epic!

  20. When it comes to a male vocalist…there are none to compare with this man’s pipes, looks and performance…OMG….That was just friggin amazing…If this song does not go top ten…something is definitely wrong with Americans…And Grammies…take note…this is who you should have singing on the award show…all others pale…The chorus on this friggin unreal…But those of us who have seen his vids from Glam Tour…know…this man can sing his face off!!!

  21. Wow. I really really loved that. His voice is unreal.

  22. Take heed! To anyone who has not yet discovered Adam Lambert, or to anyone who has somehow resisted his incredble tatent, you must now sit up and take notice! No singer out there now can touch this man’s stunning vocals, stage presence and incredible personality. He leaves the rest in the dust.

  23. Okay this dude can sing!! Wow!! Really enjoyed the performance and looks like another smash hit for Adam Lambert.

  24. Carole Gainesborough says:

    Adam was perfection! The band looked so fine. Tommy had amazing hair. Sauli was there. Fans were really enthusiastic. When I got home, it was hard to wait nearly 5 hours to see the telecast. As good as they sounded on the show, it was totally even better to hear him live. If you’ve never seen Adam sing live you have to catch the Trespassing Tour.

  25. Don’t forget we get to this all over again. Adam is on Ellen today at 4 PM EST. We got a leak that he’s being interview by Ellen also. This is unexpected as it was announced that he is the music guest. So this is a big plus for the fans. Can’t wait. Hopefully he get more sales on itunes from the exposure on Ellen

  26. It wouldn’t matter who was backing Adam Lambert, that guy owns the stage, his vocals are perfection personified and he has great stage presence, what an entertainer!!

  27. @Carole Sorry, have to disagree with you on that Tommy hair, LOL< he needs to cut it, wash it, something but only noticed it after you commented and went back and watched again, not sure how you'd notice anyone else on that stage besides Adam! The guy is amazing!

  28. What a performance , Adam Lambert was perfection , killer vocals, beautiful man!

  29. Yeah, slayage describes that performance to a T!

  30. I have never seen so much talent and beauty packaged in one person, he almost seems not human,so out of this world. What surprises me the most is that he is so under appreciated and world has not recognized this AMAZING talent full on, how is that even possible? is the whole world gone deaf and blind collectively? Have the people lost their hearing and visual sense to not see and hear it even it is in your face? Why only Glamberts of the world recognize this superb,out of this world talent and not the others? A mystery that is so needs to be solved,even though it is so not a mystery but reality.

  31. I am amazed at how this man keeps topping his performance each time he performs live. When Adam performed with Queen at the EMA MTV, I thought to myself this was the best presentation by Adam Lambert then he does this and I can’t believe my eyes and ears, I Thank God for Adam Lambert, what else can anyone say to this caliber of greatness?

  32. Wow, so Adam Lambert is back. What a voice! I love this song. Can we get this off of iTunes now?


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