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Justin Bieber Set To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Justin Bieber - Getty

Live from New York, it’s Justin Bieber?

The pop star could be flexing his comedic muscles as guest host of Saturday Night Live this year, if actor Alec Baldwin is to be believed.

During his “Here’s The Thing” podcast today, Baldwin read Bieber’s name off of a board in SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels‘ office which posted confirmed hosts and their possible music guests for the season, reports Billboard.

“The biggest names in the business are coming here thirty-something years [after ‘SNL’s debut] to host the show,” Baldwin said during the podcast. “Ben Stiller, Melissa McCarthy, [who] won the Emmy award, and Katy Perry’s coming and Jimmy Fallon, who’s double-dipping on your payroll, Jonah Hill, and I don’t want to ruin any other names, [but] Bieber’s confirmed, he’s the music and the [host].” To that, Michaels said “Yes,” seemingly confirming Bieber’s appearance.

NBC has yet to officially announce Bieber’s gig as host or musical guest for the season, but we’d assume if Bieber does pull double-duty on SNL, it would be later in the season when he has new music from his forthcoming album, Believe, to promote.

Bieber made his SNL debut in April of 2010 when he appeared as musical guest and in a skit with Tina Fey, who hosted the episode. Bieber appeared on SNL again in February of 2011 in a digital short and in Dana Carvey‘s “Church Lady” skit.

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