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New Video: Chris Brown – How I Feel

Chris Brown in "How I Feel"

Chris Brown gets introspective as he takes to the skies in his private jet in the newly released video for his track “How I Feel.”

In the clip, Breezy sits all alone on his jet, while rapping the track that finds in opening up about the highs and lows he’s faced in his life and career, going all the way back to when he was 15 and dealing with seeing his mother in an abusive relationship with his stepdad (“All alone sleeping in my bedroom/As I wet the sheet, mama gon’ be dead soon/’Cause a man beat her/But he don’t realize she important to this family like a f*cking heirloom”), to facing the “tragedy” that was assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna when he was 19, to dealing with the onslaught of journalists who want to “twist [his] words up” in interviews and the “n*ggas talkin’ down” about him in the incident’s aftermath.

Watch the “How I Feel” video below:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wake up remember you are a role model , I dont like how people put u down for what happend years ago I know you learn from it ,Shut up he cant be bad because rihanna want back and that her busness if she does,,God has forgiven you thats who count and rihanna has too.I hope that you guys can mend your relationship.. Stop wasting time on a lost cause shu nana rude trying run something tran is a waste of time she childes girl ..Move on stop wasting your time you have waste ..Dont get caught up..ef

  2. Don’t care! Chris brown is so wack these days

  3. Chris Brown is the #BestOfTheBest !!!! period! / can’t wait to hear his new album! FORTUNE!!

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