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New Music: Preview Usher’s New Single, “Scream”

First “Climax,” now “Scream.” The singles for Usher‘s new album, Looking For Myself, are starting to sound really dirty. And judging from the lyrics we can hear in the snippet of Ush’s latest single, he’s in a dirty state of mind. “If you wanna scream ‘yeah,’ let me know and I’ll take you there/Get you going like a-ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby, a-ooh baby baby, ooh baby/If you want it done right, hope you’re ready to go all…” It trails off from there, but with our vast knowledge of pop music songwriting, we’re going to guess that the next lyric is “night.”

We like a dirty pop song as much as the next blog, but, sadly, “Scream” sounds like another generic dance-pop tune. It’s especially disappointing after Ush went all next level with the Diplo-produced electro-R&B scorcher that is “Climax,” but we’ll save full judgement on “Scream” when it premieres in full tomorrow.

Listen to the snippet of “Scream” below:

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  1. I agree totally with you review. I’m still in shock that he would go from Climax to Scream. Climax is getting rave reviews and his R&B fans are coming back. Why ruin it. Scream is catchy and I like it, but not as a second single.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ^ I agree. I don’t hate it, it sounds like it’ll be beast but this is just a drastic shift from Climax. If anything build up to it, don’t just shift lanes outta nowhere.

  3. cecile noel says:

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  4. cecile noel says:

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