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Video: Adam Lambert Performs “Never Close Our Eyes” On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is hitting the promotional trail to support his new album that arrives in stores in just a few weeks. A part of his promotion was a mini concert for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Fans at the taping got to see a set list that included five songs from his new set. Home viewers were treated to Adam’s performance of his latest single, “Never Close Our Eyes.”

Dressed in all black, Adam completely rocked the stage. The performance started tenderly and then transitioned into an upbeat, body rocking event. Flawless. But we didn’t expect anything less from Adam.

Album Preview: Adam Lambert – Trespassing

“Never Close Our Eyes” is the second single from Adam’s sophomore album, “Trespassing.” The album hits stores on May 15. Watch the performance below:

Update: an additional performance was uploaded exclusively to Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s YouTube page. See Adam serve sexiness as he performs “Trespassing” below:

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  1. Oh WOW Adam just slayed that! Gorgeous! Love the song.

  2. This guy is probably the best live performer we have in the whole industry! Hands down! Definately buying his album!!!!

  3. The cool thing is, as much as I love these two songs, it was Naked Love and Broken English that were trending worldwide on twitter last night- and that was just from people watching a livestream. There is no better live performer out there. None. Can’t wait for the tour and the album.

  4. Wow–Just Wow. Loved every song. Never close our eyes a great song. Naked Love left me spellbound. Cannot wait to get this cd Tresspassing.

  5. just a fan says:

    Incredible performance by an amazing vocalist……none better….none!!!!

  6. Holy cow – he’s incredible!

  7. Amazing!! Just incredible! Adam’s vocals are out of this world! And I love his new single “Never Close Our Eyes”

  8. Amazing performer – and whatta voice!

  9. Jesse555 says:

    Great show for Adam on Jimmy Kimmel! Just absolutely stellar! From all the snippets I have heard from the upcoming album, Trespassing, it is going to be phenomenal! I love EVERY song….and that is so rare!

  10. politicsislife says:

    Loved his mini-concert he looked and sounded fantastic, worked the stage like the pro he is and gave us his sexy best. No one better live in the current music scene. Never Close Our Eyes is a great summer jam….are you listening radio world. Bring on the funk/electro/dance music, holding my breath until May 15th.

  11. CarolLeslie says:

    The Kimmel concert was nothing short of amazing. Both as a recording artist and as a live performer Adam has no equal in pop music today. Can’t wait to get the new album in my hands.

  12. What a great performance on Kimmel, but then never expect less of Adam , he is at his very best Live, can not wait for Trespassing the Album to drop, and I do love the new single Never Close our Eyes!

  13. Camille Pety says:

    no one can come close to Mr Lambert, either in vocal ability, performance electricity or stage presence. he is the best and can’t wait for my copy of Tresspassing

  14. Kathryn says:

    That was bloody brilliant! :D

  15. Loved this music

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