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The Voice: Cee-Lo Green Wishes Death On Haters, Spews Shade At Tony Lucca In Twitter Rant

Juliet Simms and Cee-Lo Green - NBC

The gloves are off and The Voice’s Cee-Lo Green is fighting mad over some of the messages he’s been receiving regarding his last artist, rocker Juliet Simms. But Cee-Lo’s rage wasn’t just about the hateful comments about Simms. It was also aimed at the celebrity endorsements some contestants–namely Team Adam Levine‘s Tony Lucca–have received that may cost Juliet the competition.

“Yo I don’t give a f*ck about what u think of me but @julietsimmsall sang with pneumonia tonight SHE WINS regardless. I refuse to buy votes,” Cee-Lo tweeted on his official Twitter account. “If heart& soul doesn’t matter and celebrity friends tweeting for you does then f*ck it all @JulietSimmsALL I will sign her myself AND I CAN.”

Cee-Lo’s Twitter rant brought on more hateful comments which made the “Forget You” singer start to reply one by one. “Excuse me b*tch” and “Shut the f*ck up,” he said in the profanity-laced tweets. It all came to a head when Cee-Lo dropped a bomb on the Twitterverse by throwing a death threat his haters’ way. “I reply back to cowards on twitter cause I’m not one! I hate haters and wish death on you and your loved ones kids too.”

After seeing the shock that followed the tweet, he deleted it and posted an apology. “I apologize u know better then [sic] to take it literally. just soooo sick of people f*cking with me wanted that tweet to cut like u cut me.”

Video: Tony Lucca Covers Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” On The Voice

Although none have gone as far as Cee-Lo has regarding their frustration over Lucca’s celebrity endorsements (which include fellow Mickey Mouse Club star Justin Timberlake and pop sensation Justin Bieber), it’s not the first time a coach has brought this up. After panning Tony as “one dimensional,” former Mouseketeer Christina Aguilera commented that she didn’t want the competition to be a “celebrity sway kind of thing” and hopes that it remains about the voice.

When a fan pointed out to Cee-Lo that the famous Justins were campaigning for Lucca to win and asked who he has for Juliet, he replied: “all we have is talent and fate. Even if it caused tony to win miraculously it wouldn’t be respectable in my book.”

The finale of The Voice airs tonight (May 8).

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  1. People are going to vote for their favorite artist. Really, there is their passion, not in the coaches. It’s all about the music!

    • MZWolf says:

      I found that the texting by Cee-Lo & Christina impossibly rude during Tony Lucca’s performance and thankfulness to both, as well as Blake and Adam, for their help and support. What a message this sent! When this rudeness was taken even further to the point of bullying by Christina (i.e. “Now here’s a MAN! This is a Man!” – as if Tony Lucca is not; “… derogatory to women!” when “99 Problems” is not). Her obvious disdain of Mr. Lucca was becoming more and more transparent as the season progressed, to the point of her behavior showing that she would stoop to any level to ruin his musical career hopes. Methinks he made the wisest decision to go with Adam as his coach. If anything, her behavior was more ruinous to Chris Mann than helpful. I hope she will honestly assess this behavior as bullying, self absorbed and just plain mean. and come to embody a woman of kindness of heart and wellness of spirit the she will want her son to share his life with rather than the person she is showing him today. AND this come from a lady who’s always been a fan of Christina’s. Not anymore. Until she owns up to and apologizes for this shallowness, I’m done with The Voice.

      • I totally agree with MZWolf! I found that throughout the whole season Christina was very rude to Tony Lucca and others, as well. She is extremely self-absorbed and highly unprofessional. Personally, I have no idea why she thinks so highly of herself. Because of Christina I will no longer watch The Voice unless they replace her with someone else.

      • Christina was being honest about the song’s meaning.

  2. Blaine says:

    Because of hottie Christina I will tune into the Voice finale and Season 3.

  3. When the celebrity endorsement issue comes up, why doesn’t anyone mention Alicia Keys and Jermaine Paul?

  4. Wow,talk about being distracted! First apologies to Nicholas David. Don’t post if your brain is experiencing “downtime”! Probably not a good idea when you have the flu either!


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