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Video: Chris Brown Performs “Turn Up The Music” On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Results Show

Chris Brown

Last year when Chris Brown performed on Dancing With The Stars, he did so amid tons of scrutiny and protests from angry fans of the show and critics. The performance happened just days after Breezy’s now-infamous Good Morning America blow up.

Tonight, Breezy returned to the DWTS stage to perform on the results show, and unlike last year, there was no extra fanfare from critics leading up to the performance. (Phew!) But like last year, Breezy gave one hell of a show-stopping performance.

The 23-year-old R&B/pop prince ignited the ballroom as he brought the energy, a bunch of dancers, strobe lights, gravity-defying moves, and one suave suit as he performed his dancefloor-scorcher “Turn Up The Music,” the lead single from his new album, Fortune, out July 3.

See Breezy turn it up on DWTS below:

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  1. ok . so i get the MJ moves (inspiration) – not his best though . But will do .
    I was hoping for the Remix version and having riri suddenly come on (what a shame- because
    they do sing well together)

    Anyway !!

    • Look, this has NOTHING to do with Riri, nor did it need to include her. Get over it! He has his OWN career. And he did an INCREDIBLE job. NeonLimeLight forgot to mention that Chris Brown brought RECORD BREAKING ratings for Dancing with the Stars last time as well. No matter what, you cant deny Chris Brown is talented! I could watch him all day. Look at all those supporters

  2. Sunshine6711 says:

    Rain, Chris Brown does a lot of dance moves that are not Michael Jackson inspired. The MJ inspired moves he does, no one does them better than MJ himself, but MJ did not spearhead every dance move in the book. There are a lot of dance moves that Chris Brown incorporates into his performances that I have never seen MJ do. Yes, I believe MJ is the best singing dancer of our time but just because he is Chris Brown’s Idol does not mean Chris Brown does everything MJ does because he does not. Chris Brown’s is a very talented singer, dancer, actor and I appreciate all the hardwork he puts into his performances to entertain a fan like me. It seems like the prince is back on top and I hope he stays there. I hope he stays away from negativity, work hard on his craft and focus on his passion: music and dance; keep the people who help him get to the top before his fame came around. I hope Chris Brown continue to take care of himself and protect his career,

  3. Wow chris and all his dancers were wonderful,awesome on fire. I could go on and on. U could tell he was totally focused and gave his all. Keep it up chris. Follow your heart and u will be fine

  4. obura deogratious says:

    i wish i was there coz it was splendid

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