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Video: Adam Lambert Performs “Never Close Our Eyes” On American Idol Results Show

Adam Lambert

Before the final two are chosen to battle it out on American Idol’s season 11 finale, the top three got the chance to see a performance from one of the best past contestants to ever grace the Idol stage. That performer is Adam Lambert of course. The season 8 breakout star appeared on the live results show to give a performance of his newest single, “Never Close Our Eyes.”

With a flashing eye behind him for a good bulk of the performance and dressed in a jacket, neon yellow top and black leather pants, Adam tore down the fog-filled stage with his Bruno Mars-written latest single. He closed the performance with a high note that was just simply to die for. He showed the remaining three contestants how it should be done.

“Never Close Our Eyes” is taken from Adam Lambert’s brand new album titled “Trespassing.” It’s the follow-up to his official debut album, 2009’s “For Your Entertainment.” The set was released in stores and at online retailers on May 15. Watch the performance below.

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  1. LOVE IT!!! What an awesome singer!

  2. Brilliant performance by Adam Lambert! To me, Adam is the ultimate American Idol!

  3. He blew that place up!! Trespassing is the best album out there!!

  4. FLAWLESS!! To quote MR Lambert himself: “Left, Right, step up to the spotlight.. I’m takin’ you to SCHOOL!”

  5. cristyeverywhere says:

    this performance ended with a high note. LOL!! I just have no words.

  6. Adam rules!

  7. He ruined American Idol, it hasn’t been the same since his appearance in 2009, he set the bar too high. He is simply the best singer in pop music today, any music for that matter.


  9. Adam is absolutely the best….vocals are out of this world! He looks & sounds amazing!!

  10. AdamsMeow says:

    Adam looked so dazzling! He sang notes that left the hemisphere!! He smiled, and flirted with
    his adoring crowd, his band, his singers, and as always showed the world-American Idol, just
    how to work that STAGE into the STARLIGHT!! I love him! He makes me want to dance endlessly.
    Catch is entire NEW YELLOW & BLACK DISC on ITUNES or in a store nearest to you! If you want
    more.. go to his official fan site AO! You won’t be disappointed! LOVE NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES!
    I want to Make it #1!!!!

    • AdamsMeow says:

      whoops–meant to say catch HIS ALBUM TRESPASSING.. buy it today!
      I’m just a loyal fan–loving the new album! It is so worth every minute it took
      to create it!!! Thank YOU ADAM and your team!

  11. Adam owns that AI stage. They should have just ended AI tonight and crowned Adam Lambert the winner. Adam is the fiercest, most exciting artist/performer I have ever heard or seen. His voice is just incomprehensible. Trespassing has so far surpassed my expectations. I become obsessed with a different song each other. It really is the best album of the year. Adam takes my breath away!! He is just the greatest talent living!!

  12. Good lord!!! That dude can SING!!!!

  13. NEON Never Close Our Eyes really popped. Loved all the colours. Hope he keeps this in his live shows!

  14. The last season I watched American Idol was with Adam on it. I tried watching other years, but just found it boring. The only time I watch it now is when Adam is performing.

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