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Video: Adam Lambert Offers Sneak Peek Of “Never Close Our Eyes” Video

Adam Lambert in "Never Close Our Eyes"

Adam Lambert is such a tease. The glam god just dropped a teeny, tiny teaser of the upcoming music video for his new single, “Never Close Our Eyes.”

The 17-second clip plays out like a psychological thriller. We see an eye opening, people are moving at double speed, and pills, pills, and more pills. Finally, we see Adam waking up in a dark, secluded room. Did he go crazy from never closing his eyes? (Sleep deprivation is a real b*tch!) We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out, but we’re intrigued.

“Never Close Our Eyes,” penned by Bruno Mars, is the latest single from Adam’s new album, Trespassing, out now. Watch the video teaser below:

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  1. Looks Epic, so excited for the video now!!!!

  2. Well that looks rather intriguing. Bring it on.

  3. Someone give this man a movie role already, He is great actor, anybody with good eyes for talent can see that. This video is going to be epic!!!!!

  4. A+ screencap choice Neon Limelight omg how is Adam so hott? This vid is gonna be so fantastic eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! brb replaying the tiny clip again!

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