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Photos: Justin Bieber Reportedly ‘Strikes’ Paparazzi During Scuffle

A movie date turned into drama for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez today (May 27). According to a report by Gossip Center, the couple were exiting Calabasas Commons theaters, when they were greeted by a swarm of snap happy paparazzi. One pap reportedly got “too close” to the Biebz and Gomez in his rush for photos, angering Bieber. While details are unclear, a source at the scene tells Gossip Center that an altercation between a heated Bieber and the pap ensued, resulting in the police being called, Gomez trying her best to calm Bieber down, and Bieber and Gomez fleeing the scene in their van just before the cops and an ambulance arrived to take down the pap’s report and treat him for a “strike to the face” by Bieber. Photos from the scene show Bieber looking visibly upset, and missing a shoe and his hat. No word yet from Bieber or Gomez about the scuffle, but you can see the scene photos below.

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  1. FluffyBunnyz says:

    Paps are scum! They LOOK for this sort of thing so they can sell more pictures. Good for JB defending himself.


  1. […] of paparazzi, Biebz kept his alleged fists of fury to himself. (Biebz is being investigated for allegedly assaulting a pap in a scuffle in California over the holiday weekend.) All of the paps were able to escape unharmed […]

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