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Report: Chris Brown And Drake Get Into Fight At NYC Club

Chris Brown - Instagram

Drake and Chris Brown‘s long-brewing tension finally came to a head — and Breezy’s chin — in club brawl at New York City’s Club WIP last night (June 13).

According to several reports, which are still pretty shaky at this point, Breezy sent a bottle of champagne to Drizzy’s entourage, which included rapper Meek Mill, as a nice gesture (he reportedly did the same thing for his ex-girlfriend Rihanna at a club outing just days earlier). Drake and his entourage sent the bottle back to Breezy with a note, reportedly referencing Drizzy’s sexual relationship with Rihanna. Breezy went to confront Drizzy, Drizzy threw a punch at Breezy, and someone from Drizzy entourage threw a bottle at Breezy. Fists began flying between the two entourages. Security broke the fight up, and Drake reportedly fled the scene while things calmed down.

After the club brawl, Breezy posted a picture to Instagram of a bloody gash he sustained to the chin. “Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol,” he wrote.

Drake has yet to comment on the fight, but Meek Mill, who also has a strained relationship with Breezy over his dealings with Rihanna, offered his two cent on the bottle-throwing fiasco: “It wasn’t me…. (shaggy voice) lol.”

UPDATE: TMZ has new updates about what started the fight. A witness tells TMZ that Breezy never sent any bottles over to Drake’s table. Instead, but fight reportedly began when Drake began “pointing and yelling” at Breezy as their crews hung out, separately, in the VIP section of the club. He returned the shouts, and the entourages began shoving. Someone in Drake’s entourage threw a bottle and hit Breezy, and the shoves turned to punches.

More sources and witnesses are coming out to speak, so this story will continue to develop.

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  1. dracokon says:

    Are u kidding me???!!!! 5 year olds act better than this. And over Stupid Rhianna? Seriously stop it! She is nothing but trouble and so is Brown. Act like grown ups and stop it! This is terrible.

  2. That’s a posting full of inshtig!


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