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Gratuitous Pop Pic: Chris Brown Is Feeling Blue (Hair!)


The cotton candy-colored hair trend has finally made its way to Chris Brown. The R&B/pop superstar has ditched his blonde curls in favor of a new blue hue. He showed off his cool color in the above photo posted to his Instagram account.

Breezy joins a long list of pop stars who have recently dared to rock crazy colors in their hair, including Willow Smith, Pharrell Williams, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Katy Perry.

Breezy didn’t include a caption with his photo, but you can bet he’ll explain his new hair color the same way he did when he went blonde: “It’s just something I needed to change. I think artistically, where I’m at creatively, mentally with my project, with my art, me painting, and just becoming a man and just finding myself, I’m really just doing me. I’m being a rock star. If I wanna dye my hair purple tomorrow, I might just change it up. It’s all about how I’m just living life and having fun.”

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  1. OMG no. He’s changed – not just the hair color. Never really recovered from the 2009 tragedy.

  2. hi I love cris brown his allwayss Trey to be kind to everyone he meet das y I love him so so much I promiss am allwayss loyal to him I love u criss brown love u so much men I will do enything to make u proud in dis world misssssss crzzzzzzzzy mhwwwwwwwwwww ????????????

  3. And do people know about his new neck tatoo???? Some bipolar woman’s face?? I used to be devoted to this guy. I just don’t know anymore :(

  4. I think that’t the light, that’s what i’m hoping for!!!

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