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The Voice Recap: Aquile And Adriana Louise Stand Out As Season 3 Blind Auditions Continue


The Voice’s third season started off with a bang and some great talent. Night one of the three night season three premiere brought us powerhouses like Bryan Keith and Trevin Hunte, both stole the show with their back stories and great voices. Last night (September 11), coaches Christina AguileraBlake SheltonCee-Lo Green and Adam Levine continued their search for acts to fill their teams of 16 during the blind auditions.

Here are the highlights from night two of The Voice’s three night premiere:

Adriana Louise: Music was the only thing that helped to lift Adriana out of a depression brought on my a scary intruder situation when she was 9-years-old. The pretty brunette 22-year-old is now sharing the gift that she credits with saving her. She took the stage and performed Jessie J’s “Domino,” getting all four coaches to turn for her. Xtina totally fangirled out, practically begging Adriana to join her team. It works and Adriana jumps aboard Team Aguilera.

Casey Muesigmann: Casey’s a country loving former wrestler who suffered a career ending injury. With his focus now shifted towards music, he’s ready to be a country star. He steps on to the blind audition stage and Blake can immediate hear the patter of his cowboy boots. He rocks out to “Sweet Home Alabama” and grabs the attention of Cee-Lo and Blake. There’s no doubt about this one: Casey is 100% Team Blake.

Aquile: Aquile grew up bi-racial in a small town. While he found some people who accepted him, others judged him. At 19, the singer found himself with a broken jaw when he was punched in the face. Like Kanye West, he performed gigs with his jaw wired shut and grew stronger from the experience. On the blind audition stage, he poured his heart out with a soulful rendition of Elton John’s “Your Song.” Xtina and Adam turned around at just about the same time while Cee-Lo waits til the last second to turn. Better late than never! Each coach give their pitches with Christina going as far as saying she wants a private concert. This works because Aquile hops on Team Xtina.

Ryan Fogarty: Ryan is the tour production coordinator for Leann Rimes so he already has someone big on his side supporting him. If only she was a coach. Unfortunately, Ryan was unable to get anyone to turn for him. He leaves empty handed.

Julio Cesar Castillo: Julio performs in a mariachi band to support his family but he’s hoping to do a little something more. For his blind audition, he performs Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba” and impresses Blake and Cee-Lo. Blake lays his season two win on real thick and that grabs Julio’s attention. He picks Blake as his coach.

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  1. This second episode wasn’t as entertaining to me as the premiere was. I would be surprised if any of the people they selected for their teams last night ended up being favorites of mine, but you never know. I work late nights at Dish, so I’m glad I can count on my Hopper to record all these episodes of The Voice for me. I hate being out of the loop with any of my shows. I’m already looking forward to watching some more tonight!

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