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X Factor USA Recap: Jason Brock, Carly Rose Sonenclar Own As Season 2 Premiere Continues

Carly Rose Sonenclar

The X Factor USA continued its season two premiere with night two of the audition rounds. Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears all headed out to find talent worthy of the $5 million Sony recording contract the winner will receive.

Night two of the auditions brought out more over-confident under-talented hopefuls, more front runners and more creepy Britney fans. Take a look at a rundown of the madness that was night two of The X Factor USA’s season two premiere:

Johnny Maxwell: Johnny’s a brave one for pulling out an original song for his audition but he’s convinced he has what it takes to be the next $5 million XF winner. The 16-year-old gets on stage and does it “big in front of all these people” and the judges eat it up. He’s like a young Chris Rene without the rehab back story but way more commercial. L.A. sees dollar signs, saying he’s what the competition needs. Britney thinks he’s passionate and fun to watch and Demi sees swag. He gets four big yeses.

Lexa Berman: Lexa, who Simon says is “Jersey Shore meets the Kardashians,” is confident in a disgustingly cocky way. Her only options are to make it in entertainment or marry rich she says. This one is going to be a problem. Fortunately for us, she sucks at life and singing. “It was like one tone the whole time as you were singing and it was just really boring,” Britney said. Demi didn’t love it either. Simon, clearly blinded by her looks, thinks she deserves a second chance. She gets one yes and three big fat nos.

Jason Brock: Jason hopes Britney is hungry because she’s about to get a filling of talent he says! Before he performs, he lays out his elaborate dream for the perfect stage show. He’s obnoxious, but in an adorable way. But can he sing? Oh hell yes! Jason served big time vocals and impressed the judges. “You are completely flawless,” L.A. said. The yeses keep coming until he stacks up four big ones.

Patrick Ford: For Pat, meeting Britney Spears is like meeting God. Somewhere on his body must be a “Godney” tattoo. Can you say “stan?” This 20-year-old is clearly only there to meet his idol. He steps out on stage with flowers for the one and only Brit Brit and she gives the best creeped out face. Things only get worse when he butchers “Circus.” Britney is oddly silent until she finally speaks to give him his much deserved “no.” This blows Patrick’s mind. He thinks she should have said more than that to him but it’s all love. He walks away and is still Brit’s No. 1 fan.

Carly Rose Sonenclar: Carly is a cutie from New York state who can own the stage like someone twice her age! This little star surprises everyone with a powerhouse vocal performance of “Feeling Good,” bringing the crowd and judges to their feet. “Miss thang, you are a little diva! You were unbelievable,” Britney said. Simon gives her 4,833 yeses. We think that’s enough to make it to the next round, right?! Hello, new favorite!

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  1. I know it’s just the second episode, but I would not be surprised if we saw the winner on the show last night. Carly Rose and Jason were both awesome and I’m willing to bet they’ll go far. I’m so glad I actually watched this episode! I wasn’t planning to, but since I have my Hopper’s Prime Time Anytime feature turned on, it was recorded automatically (it records everything during prime time on all four major networks every night). I caught it this morning and was much more impressed than I was with the first half of the premiere. Looks like my Dish co-workers and I have another show to talk about – they’re all getting addicted, too!

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