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New Video: LIGHTS – Timing Is Everything

LIGHTS in “Timing Is Everything”

Canadian electro-pop singer/songwriter LIGHTS has got a weird one on her hands with the release of her brand new music video for the single “Timing Is Everything.”

The Ken Galloway-directed video is set in a gym where couples just so happen to meet and fall in love. From the spinning man and woman to the elliptical-loving gay couple., the timing is just right in this gym for love.

That isn’t the weird part though. The “umm” and “uhh” moments take place in between those scenes where gold-short wearing men comedically stretch. They seem to have nothing to do with the video–other than the fact that they’re at the gym. Besides all that, the clip is cute, fun and quirky. All things fans have come to love about LIGHTS.

“Timing Is Everything” appears on LIGHTS’ stellar sophomore album, “Siberia.” The album is in stores and available at online retailers now. LIGHTS is currently on a US tour in support of the project. Watch the music video below.

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