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X Factor USA Results: Willie Jones Plus 3 More Eliminated As Top 12 Revealed

Willie Jones – Fox

It was a dramatic night of saves, bottom twos, save me performances and eliminations on last night’s (November 1) X Factor USA live results show. All so judges Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato could revealed the final 12 contestants heading into the live shows that will now be voted on by the public.

After the dust settled, four hopefuls received their walking papers and some of the picks for saves and cuts were rather shocking.

First up was Demi Lovato’s young adults. The “Give Your Heart A Break” singer decided to immediately send Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia into the next round of live performances. Having to sweat it out and sing for their lives were a less Ke$ha-looking CeCe Frey and country/sometimes r&b singer Willie Jones. CeCe dished out an emotional performance of “Out Here On My Own,” winning praise from the judges. Willie’s performance of “You Don’t Know Me“–especially the last note– was not enough to move Demi as she sent the Shreveport, LA-native home.

Next up to hear results were L.A. Reid’s over 25s. The industry exec picked country singer Tate Stevens and soul rocker Vino Alan to move on, leaving favorites David Correy and Jason Brock to duel. David stripped down Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” while Jason delivered pure cheese on “One Moment in Time.” Perhaps making up for the fact that his song choice for Jason on the performance show was a total flop (L.A. admits he “failed” by choosing Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again“), L.A. advances Brock.

Britney Spears’ teens elimination was surely the least dramatic of the night. Spears made all the right decisions by picking Carly Rose Sonenclar and Beatrice Miller as her top two singers and then giving returning singer Arin Ray a save to the next round. Eliminated hopeful Diamond White still had nothing but great things to say about Brit as she was leaving. “I’m happy I made it this far and I’m still going to keep smiling and I still love you Britney,” she said.

Finally, it was time for Simon Cowell to make his decision on the groups making it to the next round. He quickly chose Emblem3, followed by rap group Lyric145. Battling it out was sibling trio Sister C, who performed a weak version of Miley Cyrus’ “When I Look At You,” against 1432 (formerly known as Lylas) singing “Skyscraper” by judge Demi Lovato. Simon opted to save 1432, although admitting he could not live with the new name and asking fans to help name them on the X Factor USA website, sending Sister C packing.

The top 12 are:

Teens – Mentored by Britney Spears

  • Carly Rose Sonenclar
  • Beatrice Miller
  • Arin Ray

Young Adults – Mentored by Demi Lovato

  • Jennel Garcia
  • Paige Thomas
  • CeCe Frey

Over 25s – Mentored by L.A. Reid

  • Jason Brock
  • Vino Alan
  • Tate Stevens

Groups – Mentored by Simon Cowell

  • 1432
  • Lyric145
  • Enblem3
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  1. I was really sad to see Willie get eliminated last night because he really was so different and stood out from the crowd. I couldn’t believe that Britney sent home Diamond White instead of Arin Ray. She has more talent than him by a long shot. I knew David Correy would go home: to me he sounded like Bruno Mars and I was really happy to hear that Sister C was going home. I don’t know what it was about them but they just never went over well with me. I’m super excited about Jason Brock sticking around because he has flair, style, and a fabulous singing voice.

  2. Gloria Cuevas says:

    Willie Jones should not have been eliminated. Someone needs to give him a contract.

  3. Arin should have gone instead of Diamond and CeCe should have gone instead of Willie.
    It was a travesty letting Willie go because he had something special and unique that was lacking in the other contestants. It’s not every day someone with an amazing voice like that comes through the doors.

    Simon was 100% correct in saying that he needed a mentor who understood what to do with his voice. Demi was absolutely clueless – the song choices and circus production she gave him were horrid. If he was mentored by L.A. or Simon, he would have progressed in the competition and I think he would have got a lot of public votes because he is a genuinely nice guy and very likeable.
    What a shame his own mentor ruined his chances!

  4. roc dempsey says:

    I love Wiliie Jones to bits! and was so sad that he is eliminated!i love his voice it is so unique…x factor is rigged anyway its not worth watching!they dont give chance to those people who has the real talent

  5. Absolutely mad loosing willie jones! Simon sort it out -please!

  6. Hands Down says:

    Demi made the right choice in eliminating Willie. CeCe is by far the bettter vocalist.

  7. Dear Simon,
    It is not fair to send home Diamond White.The tactice used this year in assigning the judge as a mentor who choose the song and in the same time work as a decision maker to send somebody home is not right. Therefore I request you to use the Wild Card to return her back to the competition and she will be the Dark Horse similar to Melaine Amaro.So please do’t repeate the same mistake happened last year.

  8. Willie Fan says:

    Wille is an amazing talent!!!
    His mentor is clueless for giving him the song choice and the dancers she did. It is a shame and I feel it was an on purpose! I will never buy her music and she should not have been a mentor in the first place…not enough experience.
    Please give him a contract and I will purchase his music!!!
    I am not going to watch X Factor again for this reason!!!

    • Anita Isaac says:

      You are right on point with everything you said. I agree!!!

      We have to hear more from Willie. Yes, if there is a contract for Willie I will purchase his music. There was soooo much that Demi could have done with Willie’s talent but she blew it. I will not watch X Factor this season either. Thanks to Demi and Britney for hating on Diamond White I am now watching “The Voice” there is so much less drama with that show.

  9. What is X factor doing this year? They have ditched three of the most talented contestants in the show…Willie, David Correy and Diamond! These people have amazing vocals.

    Britney Spears and Demi Lovato seriously need to go home. They are just making things up as they go along….they may have singing careers but they seriously lack judgment and mentoring skills and it is the poor contestants that are being deprived of a chance.

    I love Willie, he has a real classic smooth rich voice and comes across as a really nice guy. He has no sob story to tell, has not shown any Diva tendencies, fake tears or dramas. He got seriously screwed over by Ms Lovato. There are dozens of Ceces in every town. I thought they were looking for the X Factor!

    I too have lost interest in the show and won’t bother watching. With all the good ones eliminated, Carly rose has no competition. Her family may as well start organizing the celebration party!

  10. We want Willie back says:

    I was hopeful when I saw X Factor USA with talents like Willie Jones. His voice is unique and much better than Britney or Demi. Maybe this is the reason why he is out. Hopefully someone with sense will give him a recording contract and we will be able to buy his songs. He is fantastic…it has been decades since a voice like that appeared. Good luck Willie!!!

  11. Globetrotter says:

    It’s a major shame that Willie Jones went home, as he is a unique talent with a massive future. That said he is a challenging act to mentor, particularly for someone like Demi Lovato who just too inexperienced to identify the right material for him. He’s also too young to do this for himself. Simon Cowell or L.A. Reid would have been so much better suited to mentoring him.

    It may be that the X-Factor was never going to be something Willie Jones could win, it may be that the formula of the show wouldn’t work his way. Hopefully he’s had enough exposure to get offers from good producers and record companies who will know how to nurture him.

  12. This guy should have his own records and will show them all up. He should go far. There are so few really good singers that are out there. The X factor is bringing out some really good vocals.

  13. iwantplaybackthrough says:

    why didnt simon pick playback to live shows <3 them alot :) willie was pretty good :D And cece should have gone home

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