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X Factor USA Recap: Carly Rose Sonenclar Dominates Dedication-Themed Performance Night

Carly Rose Sonenclar

With the Thanksgiving holiday only a day away, the X Factor USA top 10 contestants were feeling very thankful–courtesy of the dedication theme on last night’s (November 21) live performance show.

Britney Spears‘ teens, Demi Lovato‘s young adults, Simon Cowell‘s groups and L.A. Reid‘s over 25s took the stage with special songs they dedicated to loved ones they were feeling thankful for. Some would choose siblings, others would choose parents. They’d still have to choose their songs wisely and put on a good show. The Thanksgiving holiday will not stop two singers from being cut tonight on the live results show.

Before the bad news is dished out–Thanksgiving meal pun intended–here’s what happened when the top 10 took the stage on the performance show:

Tate Stevens: Tate started things off with a performance of “I’m Already There,” dedicated to his dad. “Your performances are always so special and so touching,” Brit said. Demi didn’t feel that it was his best performance but she loved it too. Simon says there’s not a “cat’s in hell chance” of Tate going home although his voice was cracking at points.

Diamond White: Diamond did a pretty kick-butt job at performing Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me,” showing off all the right notes in the performance dedicated to her mom. “You are the truth,” L.A. said. An emotional Demi was “blown away” and Simon thought she was fearless and incredible not to mention believable.

Emblem3: LFO 2012 thanked their youth leaders with OneRepublic’s “Secrets.” OK. Great song choice, not so great performance. L.A. thought the performance lacked emotion while Brit and Demi thought it was a great chance of pace from their past performances. Simon, of course. swooned all over his trio.

Arin Ray: Arin was completely not himself during his performance of Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero,” dedicated to his big bro. The judges noticed and totally roasted him. L.A. thought the song was too big for him and Demi said she would not have signed him based on that performance. Britney was delusional, saying he nailed it. No way, Brit. Have a seat.

CeCe Frey: CeCe’s story about her dearly departed sister was incredibly touching. That will not excuse the fact that her performance of “Wind Beneath My Wings” was a nightmare. Let’s take the emotion out of it and be real: CeCe just sucks. L.A. praised her genuine emotion, Brit found it hard to critique her emotional performance but thought it was amazing. Demi thought it was awesome.

Fifth Harmony: Another week and they have the same name. Win number one. Improved harmonies on their performance of “I’ll Stand By You.” Win number two. Praise from the judges. Win number three. Now all they need is for America to vote and they’ll be winning all over the place!

Beatrice Miller: Bea decided to dedicate her performance of “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol to her adorable little twin sisters. It started off strong but got a little dry and cracky towards the middle. Blah! L.A. loved it but Demi wants to see some variety from Beatrice. Simon loved it and Britney thought it was her best vocal performance yet.

Vino Alan: Vino got all patriotic, performing “God Bless The USA” in his performance dedicated to the troops. Britney thought it was his first performance that was spot on. Demi, who has been really tough on him, changed her tune, saying she’s finally seeing something special in the singer. Simon gagged with joy, saying he may be at number one on the leaderboard this week.

Paige Thomas: Paige had a great song, taking on Britney Spears’ “Everytime.” It was possibly one of her best performances since the show went live. Britney thought she performed it beautifully but L.A. thought it wasn’t good enough to get her out of the bottom. Simon thinks she’ll have a tough night during the results show, picking on the fact that emotion took over her performance. Um Simon, remember CeCe’s wreck of a performance?!

Carly Rose Sonenclar: Carly, Carly, Carly! Let’s wrap up this show early and give this girl the prize shall we?! Carly delivered a stunning performance of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” a performance she dedicated to her big brother. The a cappella beginning was superb and the performance only got better as it went along. She received a standing ovation from the judges and massive praise.

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  1. Ex-American Idol fan says:

    Great to see I’m not the only one that thinks CeCe is just awful, Emblem3 being a very close second in the same category. Arin, to me, just isn’t good either – there were others that were actually talented that picked over for this guy. I like Paige’s personality and humbleness but she’s far from original, she SCREAMS Rihanna impersonator in my opinion.

  2. I think your anaysis is pretty spot on. Cece. does suck, she’s been off key for two weeks straight now. Am i the only ne who hears this? Beatrice is a wreck. I’m not hearing what they hear in her vocals. Piage is overrated, thes I guess being the reason she got dumped by Idol (Does the woman ever stop crying…SEE A SHRINK!!) Arin Ray….Nuff said, Veno was good but the pentultimate is Carly Rose! Everyone is starting to run out of superlitives for this little lady, myself included. It’s just a matter of time. The prize is hers to lose.

  3. I actually like Cece, I mean come on.. let’s get real here. I dont think anyone in the competition has the whole package. Most have nice voice, but can you imagine Diamond or Beatrice or Carly being a popstar after the competition finishes?? A starring /recurring role at Disney maybe, but a popstar – doubt it. Kids their age don’t have that much material to sing about, other than boy crush, first love, love yourself etcetc and it’s ok if you have a decent songwriting skills like Taylor Swift, but other than that, I can’t see them making it in the industry at such a ripe age, there just isn’t a market for them (e.g Rachel from last season, what’s becoming of her singing career?)

    Sure, Cece doesn’t have the best voice, but does Rihanna/Katy Perry/Taylor Swift does? She has a pretty decent voice that CAN get better with vocal training, she has the popstar look, attitude needs a bit of an improvement, but the thing I like about her most is her focus and determination. I actually would’ve preferred her to cry less, but I guess since it’s X-Factor, you have to have a sob story and cry every 5 minutes to get votes like Paige does since the beginning of her audition.

    I also think Paige is way overrated – voice is way too whiny for my taste, but look wise I think she’s one of the best looking ones left. Fifth Harmony – too cheesy. Emblem3 – maybe they can cash in on the boy band phenomena, Tate- can see him having a country career, the rest I just couldn’t care less.

    I hope Cece doesn’t go tommorrow as the competition will be far less interesting without her around.

    • I like CeCe to and hope she didn’t go home tonight. Dvr missed the last 5 minutes, so as of now I have no idea who went home. I think CeCe did have a rough night last night but she has more talent than Beatrice. Trying to find out who went home.

  4. Britney K. says:

    I hate to sound pessimistic but I’m just not impressed with anyone this season. They have a few that have a nice voice, but as stated by someone before, not one of them is the “total package” this time around.

    Emblem3 pride themselves on being “anti-boy band” but they’re just freaking terrible to say the least. They can’t sing, they can’t dance, they’re just annoying and they have the nerve to be arrogant. Arin is lackluster and I don’t understand why he’s still there honestly. Cece has to be one of the WORST ones (if not, THE worst) in the entire competition. She came in with a huge chip on her shoulder, she sounded awful in the audition yet was granted a second chance (and still didn’t impress). She makes it to the finals and has gotten worse than she already was. Her with her ill-advised Ke$ha impersonation and that stupid ass face paint needs to go sit down somewhere. Fifth Harmony or whatever they want to be called this week are just lame. Beatrice, like Ke$ha junior, is subpar but at least she’s somewhat likable. Paige….where do I start? She, like Cece, can’t sing and I don’t know if she’s aware of it but Rihanna has been out for the past 8 or so years. At least if you’re gonna be unoriginal and blantantly copy someone can’t you AT LEAST be able to sing? And lastly, I’m tired of her sob stories, it seems as if everytime you turn around she’s crying about something.

    The others I didn’t mention are just “ok” but it’s gonna take more than that to win the competition

  5. I do not think that Carly is too young. Celine Dion, arguably one of the biggest music stars, was discovered at the young age of twelve. Talent is the real deciding factor and all I know is that Carly has loads of it.

  6. Donna Dixon says:

    Mario Lopez can host this show without Khloe Kardashian

  7. Let’s be real here… are the Judges tone deaf? Cece Frey has trouble with pitch in every one of her performances.. Why was a VOICE like Vino’s and Paige’s sent home? I will tell you why… the Judges kill off people they don’t like by giving them songs they have no business performing… for example Lyric 145?? they were totally amazing but simon wanted emblem 3 to win so he gave them sucky as hell songs to sing and folks lost interest. I feel the show is rigged… who the heck put L.A. Reid in charge of being a mentor.. seriously? he has no clue what songs work best for his team and is now left with Tate and if he does not let Tate pick his own songs he will lose him too!

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