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Video: 2 Chainz Joins Jamie Foxx For Saturday Night Live Opening Monologue

Jamie Foxx and 2 Chainz SNL

Jamie Foxx and 2 Chainz

The holidays are right around the corner but Saturday Night Live guest host Jamie Foxx is more concerned about his upcoming birthday. During his SNL opening monologue, the singer/actor sat down at the piano and told the crowd exactly what he wants for his big day.

By taking a page from the book of 2 Chainz, Jamie sang a lovely piano-driven birthday wishlist set to 2 Chainz single “Birthday Song.” “All I want for my birthday, is a big booty ho,” Foxx sang. Seconds later, he was joined by 2 Chainz himself, rapping along with the same lyrics.

“Birthday Song” appears on 2 Chainz’s Grammy-nominated new album “Based on a T.R.U. Story,” in stores now. Watch Jamie and 2 Chainz bop in the SNL clip below.

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  1. I found the opening monologue from Jamie Foxx to be very offensive. He may have thought he was funny, but I found his racist remarks to be very offensive.
    If a white comic had used the same material he would have been heckled off the stage. I guess the double standard is alive and well on NBC.

    I think it was Martin Luther King who said “I long for the day when a man can be judged by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin.” I guess, according to Mr. Foxx and S.N.L.’s writers we aren’t there yet.
    I have never cared for Mr. Foxx’s brand of humor and last night did not change my mind.
    If I’d known he was going to host the program I’d have watched another channel.

  2. While watching SNL, I heard Jamie Foxx say that killing all the white people “Would Be a Great Thing…” and the audience laughed. I turned the channel. SNL is really bad this year. I might give them a try again next season. Racist rants in order to get media attention is “never a good thing”…

  3. SNL and NBC have finally hit bottom. I guess if your skin is black, it is okay to be a racist. One can only pray that Mr. Foxx’s comments are not taken out of context by the more unbalanced members of our society.

  4. J Hoffman says:

    Mr. Foxx IS one of the more unbalanced members of our society.

    His opening monologue was the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen on TV. SNL should’ve pulled the plug on him after the first minute and had security escort him out of the building. Had a Caucasian comic made comments like he did, there would’ve been criminal charges. People like Jamie Foxx are the reason why racism will never die in America.

    • Saying that people like jamie foxx is the reason why racism won’t die in america is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. You sound like a moron. Have you been paying attention to what’s been going on in america since the Pres was elected in 2008? If you think jamie foxx is the biggest danger to race relations, you must lead an extremely sheltered life.

  5. SNL should be fined by the FCC for giving Jamie Foxx a forum for his racial hatred. I am sick and tired of this racism toward white people – and the worst part is the weak liberal white people who laugh along with this garbage because they think it makes them “cool”. How pathetic. What a raging racist I would be considered if I were to repeat even one of those “jokes” and direct it at blacks. Jamie Foxx, if you’re so happy to be black, why are you still so damn angry? You don’t seem one bit happy to me.

    • So you’re tired of racism towards white people. I don’t even know how to reply to that, except to ask, are you seriously feeling sorry for yourself right now? Are you really gonna play the victim? Boo hoo. Yeah I can see how being white in america has been quite the cross to bare. What a burden. Forgive us, we know your people have suffered greatly at the hands of us blacks.


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