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The Voice Recap: Final 4 Perform Live During Semi-Finals

Team Cee-Lo Green and Team Blake Shelton went head to head, giving dazzling performances during last night’s (December 10) season three live semi-finals performance show.

Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott, Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David all dug deep to give their most important performances to date. Their song choices and connection with the crowd during the performance could mean the difference between going home and being one of the three singers to sail on to next week’s finals. Here’s how it all went down on last night’s live semi-finals performance show.

Trevin Hunte – Team Cee-Lo: Trevin started off the night with an emotional performance of “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Although the song choice can come off as rather cheesy, Trevin really made it his own. And the final note? Flawless. Count on Trevin to close the performance out strong! Xtina remembered being a 7-year-old wedding singer performing that song all the time but never singing it as “crazy great” as Trevin did she said.

Nicholas David – Team Cee-Lo: Bring on the tears! Nicholas gave a beautiful performance of “You Are So Beautiful” and dedicated the performance to his family. He also performed the song while singing directly to his emotional wife. How sweet! Adam gave him nothing but praise and his coach echoed the sentiment.

Cassadee Pope – Team Blake: Cassadee gave a simply stunning performance of Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy,” drawing cheers from the coaches for the genuine connection she made with the song. Xtina says Cassadee sounds so good at times that it sounds like she has autotune and says Blake has a true superstar on his hands. Blake gushed over his act, saying no one in the competition can do what she just did with the performance.

Terry McDermott – Team Blake: Terry came out on stage and completely nailed his performance of the Beatles’ classic “Let It Be.” “Thank God for you Terry,” Adam said. “You’re so wonderful.” Blake called the song “sacred ground” and says only a handful of singer should touch it. He goes on to say Terry is one of them who can and calls the singer musical perfection.

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