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Video: Adam Lambert Opens VH1 Divas 2012 With “Let’s Dance” Performance

Adam Lambert vh1 divas 2012

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is pulling double duty on tonight’s (December 16) VH1 Divas 2012. Not only is he hosting the show, he’s a performer as well.

The pop star took the stage looking like a divalicious dream and performed the David Bowie classic “Let’s Dance.” Adam commanded the stage with his dancers, proving that he’s a pop music force to be reckoned with.

VH1 Divas 2012 pays homage to the genre of dance. The show will feature performances from Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Rowland, Demi Lovato and more. The show will also pay tribute to legends Donna Summer and Whitney Houston. Watch Adam’s performance below.

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  1. This SUCKED!

    • It must suck being so wrong :/

    • Sigh. There’s one in every crowd. Suck it up honey!! :) Adam was awesome as always!

    • @cdfire- then why are you here? You secretely love Adam , don’t you/? Well anyway- Adam is and will rock this world and he’s only getting bigger- get used to it or join in on the glamily- nice place to be !! good for your health!!

    • You obviously put a great deal of thought into your comment that is so revealing of your character. It shows how kind you are and how much you care about other people and their sensibilities.

      Being kinder towards others will take you much further in life than the bitter path that you seem to be on now.

  2. It was an interesting and fresh adaptation of the old “let’s dance”. Adam put a new cool, electronic twist on it. He added his stage presence and his voice to the mix . It was a terrific way to star the evening.

  3. Adam Lambert is fantastic!!

  4. Adam Lambert is an amazing vocalist. So hot!

  5. adamluv1000 says:

    The entire show was fantastic and Adam was wonderful.

  6. Lambert looked like a rough trade clown pimp. Awful host, sucky show. VH1 is sliiping.

    • And you, 9:12, would know about “rough trade CP” from your own experience? Sorry for you. As for Adam, he was a perfect host, entertaining and original, and his take on Let’s Dance was stunning.



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