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X Factor USA Recap: Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar And Fifth Harmony Compete During Finals

Tate Stevens X Factor final 3

Tate Stevens

The season two X Factor USA final three contestants had three chances to convince America that they’re worth the $5 million prize a win would secure them. On last night’s (December 19) final live performance show of the season, Britney SpearsCarly Rose Sonenclar, L.A. Reid‘s Tate Stevens and Simon Cowell‘s Fifth Harmony went head to head to head, giving the performances of their lives.

They reprised their favorite songs of the season, gave duet performances with special celebrity guests and performed songs they feel are worthy of the $5 million recording contract. So how did everyone do? Here’s a rundown of what happened when the top three performed for the very last time this season.

Favorite Song of the Season

Carly Rose Sonenclar – Teens: Carly Rose reprised her attention grabbing audition song by performing “Feeling Good.” Wasn’t quite as good as the first time we’ve seen her perform this but it was still remarkable! L.A. thinks it’s the best she’s ever done while Demi was impressed.

Tate Stevens – Over 25s: Tate gave a simply gorgeous performance of Randy Houser’s “Anything Goes” for his best song of the series. Britney thinks he’s “right on” when he does right down the middle country and Demi thinks it was a stadium-worthy performance. Biggest shocker: Simon totally agreed with Demi!

Fifth Harmony – Groups: These five girls doing Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen” will never not be good. They reprised their awesome performance and kicked it up a few notches, making them look like actual winning material. L.A. thinks they’re now the ones to beat–huge praise from a guy who once called them “Fifth Unison.”

Celebrity Duets

Carly Rose Sonenclar and LeAnn Rimes: Whoa. What did we just witness here?! LeAnn came out to join Carly during her performance of “How Do I Live” and completely tried to out-sing the poor girl. Not to mention she was singing ahead of the best at times. Nightmare-ish but completely not on Carly’s part. Shame. Brit still thought it was “shockingly amazing.”

Tate Steven and Little Big Town: Tate and Little Big Town’s performance of “Pontoon” was good! So good! We’re thinking they should tour together and do this song together live some more. L.A. thought it was natural and says the new love of his life is country music.

Fifth Harmony and Demi Lovato: How adorable was Demi’s performance with Fifth Harmony? We’ll tell you: It was freaking adorable. You could really tell the girls look up to Demi and she sounded fantastic. Unlike LeAnn, Demi did not try to overshadow them either. Simon called the performance “pop perfection.”

$5 Million Song

Carly Rose Sonenclar: Carly recovered from the nightmare that was her celebrity duet performance with a stunning rendition of “Hallelujah.” L.A. called it an “angelic moment” and praised her for not over-singing the song. Simon agreed, saying she had a good night.

Tate Stevens: For his last performance of the season, Tate performed Chris Young’s “Tomorrow.” The very last note he sang was perfection! “That was great, Tate. But then again, I always enjoy what you do,” Britney said–even though just a few weeks ago she said he gave “hit or miss” performances. Demi was almost moved to tears, saying that she’ll miss seeing him perform every week.

Fifth Harmony: The girls of 5H gave a show-stopping performance of the Beatles’ classic “Let It Be.” Although it wasn’t much of a “group” performance, it showcased each member’s vocal strengths. Lauren Jauregui? That girl is a star! L.A. said they’re like “magic happening right before our eyes” while Simon said they deserve to win the competition.

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  1. OMG!!!! I <3 5 th Harmony……

  2. I absolutely LOVE Fifth Harmony. Not only do they look like a really good girl group, they sing like angels omg. Camilla Cabelo is my favourite, although Lauren and Dinah come second <3
    I really want them to win! They are 5 regular, pretty girls…not like the trashy, fake, too-much-makeup girl group that is Little Mix :/


  4. Ex-American Idol fan says:

    I’m pulling for Fifth Harmony to win. Tate is OK but country music bores me. Plus, he’s kinda generic if you think about it. Carly, in my opinion, is extremely overrated. She’s not terrible or anything, but she’s nowhere near as good as they make her out to be.

    On a side note, am I the only one that thought LeeAnn Rimes sounded like shit in her duet with Carly? She looked drunk too…

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